Why Do Guys Like Short Girls

Why Do Guys Like Short Girls: Many times you would have seen a really tall guy with a short girl. You must have thought that why don’t the guy date someone of his own height and physique. But then you look at his amazingly beautiful short girlfriend looking extremely cute and happy with him.

Why Do Guys Like Short Girls

Such kind of a couple seems like they have been in love forever. Apart from it they give you some serious and major relationship goals.

But have you really thought it that why do guys like short girls.

They are just amazing of their kind. I am not saying that tall girls are not that good enough. You can notice some major example of tall girls setting a benchmark for every other person. They proved to be superb models and actresses. I mean who does not know Taylor Swift. She is just rocking her height and looks extremely gorgeous.

But there when you look at Selena Gomez, your heart suddenly skips a beat. I mean how can someone be so cute and adorable?

She is the kind of person everyone would like to date. Apart from being short she is just phenomenal with her skills. And this is what short girls are like. They are like your personalized alive teddy bear.

They are your little bundle of joy that can fill your heart with happiness. Sometimes you may find yourself totally tiring after a hard day. But your girl will always be rocking it.

Still if you are some confusion about that why do guys like short girls then here you go. Here I have mentioned all the possible reasons of a genuine fondness towards the short girls of boys. These reasons would surely clear all your doubts about why do guys like short girls.

15+ Reasons Why Do Guys Like Short Girls

These totally justified reasons will also give you some serious relationship goals for your future partner. You will surely be in love with the short girls if you have not been yet. This content is going to change your mindset forever about the short girls. I hope now you would not ask that why do guys like short girls.

1). Guys Feel More Powerful In the Relationship

Guys are guys! They want themselves to be superior in a relationship. It is not like they are ruling over someone but it keeps them satisfied when their partner rely on them.

They find it more satisfying for their male ego that they have a short partner. Whenever the guy will be standing with his girl, he will feel more manly and powerful in front of her. It gives them a feeling of the alpha male. By calling it alpha, it means that they feel like leader of the relationship.

This can be one of the reasons for why do guys like short girls. It justifies totally with their endurance and power of leading someone.

This can also be seen as the psychological factor. Because when our ego is being satisfied then we feel happier than before. This can justify that why do guys like short girls. The height of a guy can make him feel like a winner in a relationship no matter how many times he has to give up on emotional issues.

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2). Guys Feels like More Protective Towards Them

Having a short heighted partner means extra care and emotional support towards them. Suddenly guys feel more protective and caring towards them. Whenever they fall in troubles, guys are always there to resolve it as soon as possible.

Apart from the protection it also makes them feel more mature towards them. They have to deal with their bubbly and carefree nature which makes the guy more responsible towards his girl.

This feeling of security towards her can also be the reason for why do guys like short girls. This makes the guy more vigilant and careful for his girl.

Short girls are always so cute and adorable that their guy feel this excessive need of protecting them from the world. This is not necessary that their height define their personality. It is also possible that she can be defensive and protect herself. But still they look like they are in excessive need of care and protection from her guy.

3). It Feels Amazing to Hug Them

This is the most amazing advantage of having a short girl in your life. It is such an extra ordinary feeling to hug them. They are like cute teddy bears full of softness. Whenever you hug them it seems like you are not going to have any more troubles in your life.

This is the most common reason that why do guys like short girls.

When a tall guy hug a short girl, her face lies exactly over his heart and she can listen to his heartbeats. And on the other hand the guy has to keep his head buried in her. This is something which gives a thrilling feeling to you.

These types of hugs makes you guys come closer to each other. And when they place their feet on yours then that extra inches of separation also disappears. This is like the perfect hug one can ever have. And that is the reason for why do guys like short girls.

4). They are The Cutest Person in Your Life

You must have seen many animated movies and cartoon films. There is one character named Winnie the Pooh. This amazing bear is the most adorable and cutest character of the cartoon movies.

Whenever you see him, it feels like just hug him and then never leave. And that is what exactly feels like when you are having a short girl in your life. They are just like the cute teddies and soft toys of yours. Their cute pretty faces are something that you cannot take your eyes off from.

They are this much cute that whenever you have any argument with them, then it ends up rapidly in a hug or kiss. Even when they are arguing still they are looking the cutest person.

Their cuteness is something which keeps a guy attracted to them forever. And this can be the sure shot reason of why do guys like short girls. The cuteness overloaded in their voice and face is something which is enough to keep a guy stuck to them forever.

5). They Are More Full Of Life

Whenever you will notice any short girls then you will find them a bit of extra full of life. They are like the nonstop activating machine which can never go out of power.

They have this amazing quality in them that they have enormous energy in their little body. This much that it is enough for them to keep anyone positive and active for the whole day. They never get tired of their busy days.

After screwing their whole day in the office, they have the power to freak out in the clubs at night. And that is the reason why do guys like short girls. Whenever her guy sees her, he feels so much of energetic automatically.

They are the one who makes you realize that you are the luckiest guy on this planet. She is the one who never lets you down. Her adventurous and sporty nature is something which keeps your positive always. They can be your inspiration and motivation too. This is what makes them the perfect answer for why do guys like short girls.

6). They Are Fun to Be Around

Short girls are just like the cute little children around you. Whenever you see a bunch of children running around you, you automatically smiles. Well, it does not have anything to do with you that what they are up to. But still you just smile because they give you enormous positivity and peace.

Short girls are just like that. Everything they do have something different in it compared to the other people. These are the things which make you smile promptly.

And the one who can keep you happy from inside is the one worth being together with. That is the thing why do guys like short girls.

Whenever you see a short girl playing with the kids, you cannot even recognize her in between of them. They mix up so well with the kids. And that is the reason kids love them a lot. They always look young and ready to have fun even at the toughest times.

7). They Are More Generous and Real

You will always find them more generous and real rather than others. They do not fake it for satisfying their needs. They know how to get the things they want but in the right way.

They are far from the cunningness and cruelness of world. This is not something which is very specific in every short girl. You may find some exceptions here and there. But in general they are actually the one having the purest heart among all. Their loving nature is something which is the answer of why do guys like short girls.

They love to their fullest and change you in such a way that you want to love them to your fullest. Their down to earth nature and helpful behavior always inspires you to do good to everyone. Their positive attitude towards life is the reason that why do guys like short girls.

This is just written on their face, that this girl is going to love you for real. And it happens to be true many a times too.

8). Its Time and Money Saving Too

They are literally time and money saving for you. There is no need to buy expensive dresses for them because of the size problem. They can shop from the kids section even. This is just the perfect thing for you and your wallet too.

You do not have to spend that extra pennies on them for their clothes and make up things. And while talking about the kids section then it is so easy to pick things up from there.

It is so time saving as well. You must be known to the fact that how much time a girl needs in shopping. But short girls are someone who can save your time. And bingo! That is what for why do guys like short girls.

Apart from the shopping things, they eat less. As they have a small physique and small body then you do not have to spend much on their eatables. They can adjust in a little bit of the food. And this is really money saving for you.

9). Guys Feel Inferior to Tall Woman

Tall women are usually very much confident and determined in themselves. But whenever you will notice then you will find that there is a bit of pride and arrogance mixed with it.

This is not an easy thing to deal with a tall woman so easily. Tall women have their own pride and prejudice for themselves.

That is the reason why do guys like short girls. They cannot handle the arrogance of a tall woman in front of them. They just want one man in the relationship and that is they only. Short girls give them the opportunity to lead them.

This is what makes them choice the short girls as the partner in the life. They have their male ego which they cannot give up in front of anyone. They cannot win over the tall girls so they move to the short girls to keep them high on a relationship. This is the perfect answer for why do guys like short girls.

10). They Are Easy To Hold and Pick Around

They are your little packet of wonder. This is something like small packaging and big blunders kind of things. They are like your little princesses who are very easy to be carried around the entire home.

They are small and hence very light weight. This makes them very cute and soft to carry around. You can just hold them in your arms and can carry wherever you want. This is the cutest reason why do guys like short girls.

You just need love and care while carrying them. There is no need of that excessive power to hold them in your arms. Sometimes you even stuck them to you like a bag pack. They are so cute and adorable that you would not feel any discomfort doing these things.

Short girls are really so much of fun. You can try a lot of experiments with them. When they are arguing with you then you just need to carry her and throw her on the bed and jump onto her. And all your matters will be resolved in the bed now.

11). It Is Awesome To Make Out With Them

Short girls are the kind of creature which is just perfect for the sex. They are just so rocking in the sex that you will feel like the king while doing it. They give you so much of pleasure while making out session.

It is just incredible to make out with a short girl. She is so light in weight that you would not have any trouble while making out and it will be more like fun things. This is the most important reason that why do guys like short girls.

Apart from the regular sex, you can experiment many positions with her. This is just beyond having all the fun in your life. She is so light that you would not have any issues while experimenting with her.

12). They Are More Feminine

You will find them more feminine than any other kind of girl. They are much of like feminine and girly as compared to the tall girls. You may find the tall girls a bit of rigid with their bodies. But short girls have incredible flexibility in them.

Their cute little attires and dresses are something which looks so adorable on them. Their shoe size and sock size is so small that is looks kind of a baby.

You will feel more like a parent to her while being in a relationship with her. But when they dress up like a diva then they stand out among all. They look irresistibly hot and sensuous in the hot dresses. This is the reason that why do guys like short girls.

Their feminine areas are more highlighted in such dresses. Which are just the enough things to attract any guy?

13). They Are Like Your Winning Trophy

Whenever you win a match, you carry around the trophy as a symbol of your triumph. Your short girl is exactly like that. She is your winning trophy. The trophy which always reminds you, that you are having the most awesome partner ever.

They are light weight and hence you are always like grabbing her and playing with her. She is someone who gives you enormous joy after a tiring day at office.

You just look at her and you’re crazy side comes out. You can be yourself in front of her. You do not have to be like someone else. This is the beauty of her that answers that why do guys like short girls.

14). They are your little Bundle of Joy

They are just like your little bundle of joy. You can say that they are too much of happiness packed in a small jar. You just look at them and your heart gets filled with the puddles of joy.

You can listen to the bubbles of happiness popping in your body. This is just the perfect thing that you want from life. She is that kind of loving partner who can keep you happy like forever. No matter how long it has been while together but you can never get enough of her.

Whenever you see them, you always feel like pulling her cheeks. She is just the perfect medicine of all your problems. A hug and kiss of her revives you completely. This is the real reason that why do guys like short girls.

As she gives you enormous joy then it should be your duty to keep her happy too. When you will see her smiling then you will be happy automatically.

15). It Is Just the Stereotypical Norm

You can say that it is just out of the stereotypical norm that why do guys like short girls. This is so rare to find any guy dating a girl who is taller than him. You would always find a guy dating a short woman in most of the cases.

It is just a matter of fact that there are very few examples of such pair in which guy is shorter than the girls.

Apart from the reasons given above, it can also be added that it is just the stereotypical norm of having a girl shorter than you as your partner. Such kind of a pair looks more adorable and beautiful to look at. They give us some major relationship goals.

This can also said to be the future planning too. Short girls prefer such partners through which they can have nice babies. Such babies whose height is not like that. And then these things keep going on and on.


All I need to say is that short girls are just the perfect girlfriend and life partner for sure. This content is not the comparison between short and tall girls. Being tall has its own advantages. And I am not at all sidelining anyone.

But for the fact if you would ever see then you will find a tall guy dating a short girl for sure. They are so hilariously cute that it is impossible to take your eyes off them.

They are not only your soft toy but also your backbone too. They are too much sensitive about all your things. They will give you emotional support while having their own problems. It is just too awesome to date a short girl. And I hope after having a look at these things you would surely know that why do guys like short girls.