How to Stop Thinking about Someone

How to stop thinking about someone: It can be your partner or someone else, but what you are thinking throughout the day; does it always address him/her? A study by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis says that the difference in the “mind” of a man and a woman lies more in the living conditions and opportunity in education in a biological aspect than anything else. So, the question to be asked is, How to stop thinking about someone?

How to Stop Thinking about someone

Make Free your Mind for How to Stop Thinking about Someone?

The mind is a superb instrument if used properly. Conversely, use it incongruously and it can destroy you.” Here are some of the best tips if you too have this question in the mind of How to stop thinking about someone?

1). Look for Distractions!

The activity you choose has to be interesting enough. The best are the activities that make you feel happy, curious, quiet, funny or proud.

2). To Your Thinking: Tell Yourself “Enough.”

Give the order to stop when you discover that you’re back to thinking about him/her and immediately stop doing so. You have to realize that you’ve begun to think too much, and therefore, you help your emotions change. These signs may often appear as a warning in an unpleasant way.

3). Thirty Minutes.

Reserve thirty minutes every day to devote to thinking about him/her. If that time is set, you have a limited day to worry or to have “dream time”, but one particular time; you cannot do this the rest of the day then. Ideally, these are thirty minutes at a time of the day when you’re not anxious or sad.

4). A Good Friend

Someone understanding and trustworthy to let off steam and get advice from. This person must be able to think objectively and not make you feel worse. You also cannot abuse this strategy by ending up getting tired of your friend.

5). Write

Every time that thought approaches you, write it down! This will help expose and to limit it to just those lines.

How to Stop Thinking about Someone?

How To stop thinking about someone is not impossible because you have the ability to control your thoughts. Just try it!

Did you pass through that phase where just cannot how to stop thinking about someone what they said or did and you were so embarrassed or hurt by his/her actions? When someone hurts us or simply acts in a way that confuses us, we can stagnate thinking about it for hours or days. We’re washing dishes, driving or walking the dog and cannot stop thinking about the rude, selfish and false things that were said by that person. If this is the case, these 15 tips are for you! Many are based on current leaders of psychology and meditation. Choose those that accommodate you the best and find the answer to the question: How to stop thinking about someone?

1). The lesser said, the better

This is my personal motto. Let us say less and spend more time listening when we are solving difficult issues; being a reactive person is always a smart move. It helps us to be less explosive and to let go. Often, over time, what bores us simply disappears.

2). Let’s wait and see what happens

Normally we do not need to respond or react to difficult people or situations immediately, so think a lot about what to say or do next. Buddhist psychologist Sylvia Boorstein advises that it is better to give ourselves the opportunity to wait and see what happens next.

3). Move on and do not blame

Staying stuck in past events and trying to blame someone (including you) is not very productive. Bad things and misunderstandings often occur by a series of events, like a domino effect. Normally you cannot blame one person for the final result. Sylvia Boorstein has a saying that reminds us of this truth: “First step here, then there, and after that there. And that’s how it happened what happened.”

4). Try not to fall into the mental state of others

Other great words said by Sylvia Boorstein that says it all.

5). Solve your biggest problem first

Our biggest problem is anger. Anger keeps us from thinking clearly and productively. In this sense, anger is our biggest problem. Take care of yourself: meditate, exercise, go for a walk, say less and give more time to others and take care of others.

6). When you are angry, that damages the mind

This teaching of Sylvia Boorstein follows along the same lines. You cannot think clearly or be creative or reasonable about anything when you are angry. “Anger hurts the mind,” she says.

7). Do not try to understand others

This is another one of the teachings of Norman Fischer. Ask yourself, if others try to understand what you are thinking, or what your motivations are, what would be so successful in that? Probably they would not even have any idea about what is really going on in your head. So, why try to understand what others are thinking about? Most likely, you would not be right, which means that everything that you initially thought was nothing more than a waste of time.

8). Your thoughts are not the facts

Do not treat them as if they were. In other words, do not believe what you think. Experience your emotions-anxiety, tension, fear and stress deep into your bodies. Our emotions are physical. We usually take them as a sign that our thoughts should be done. How might we feel so bad if our feelings were real to us? Tibetan Buddhist teacher Tsokyni Rinpoche says that when we are persecuted, we have emotional anguish, regret, fear, anxiety, anger; we must remember that the physical and mental state we are experiencing is “real but not true.”

9). How can you grow with this?

The Psychologist and meditation teacher Tara Brach advises that when we are stuck in anger, or we feel offended by something said or done, judge, or complain about how we were treated; it can add to our suffering. An Event + Our Reaction = Suffering. When we are able to be present with our feelings, and we wonder why we are having such a strong reaction and why what they said affects our feelings or emotions, this is a learning opportunity. An Event + Questioning + Presence = Growth. Focus your thoughts on growth: Green, not red.

10). Do not put anyone out of your heart, or yourself

This teaching of Tara Brach speaks for itself.

11). You’re not a Magician of Time

When we are in the past events, we are constantly looking the way that we should have done things to prevent regrets later. But what happened yesterday is in the past, as is what happened a thousand years and before that at the time of the Maya. We cannot change what happened at that time, nor can we change what happened a week ago.

12). Forgive, for your Sake

Jack Kornfield, the Buddhist Psychologist, teaches that “it is not necessary to be loyal to your suffering. Yes, it was horrible. But is this the only thing that defines you? “Forgiving is not something we do for the other person. We forgive to live free from acute suffering that comes with clinging to the past. In other words, Kornfield teaches, “To forgive yourself.

13). Occupy a Different Place of Mind

Professor Awareness Stress Reduction and Trish Magyari, Psychologist, teaches meditation accompanied by strong imagination – and studies have shown that imagination helps us to leave stressful and provocative thoughts. Here is a picture that helps me all the time: Imagine you are at the bottom of a deep blue sea watching everything swimming around. Just watch your thoughts happen.

14). Send them Affection

The Medical Intuitive Healing Wanda Lasseter-Lundy suggests that when you cannot stop thinking about someone who has hurt you or made you crazy, “Imagine sending them a beautiful ball of white light. Place them in the ball of light. Wrap them with this holding white light around till it starts to work.

15). Take Time: 90 Seconds

To free your mind, you must first damage your thought patterns. Neuropsychiatric Dan Siegel, MD, says that after 90 seconds, an emotion comes and falls back like a wave on the shore. Take90 seconds roughly to stop thinking about that person and take deep breaths. You will break the cycle of thoughts they were clinging all this time to you.

How to Stop Thinking about Someone who is not Meant for You?

At the beginning, it will be difficult, but not impossible. At the beginning, it will hurt, but then there will be no pain, so do not be afraid. Remember that and you will not feel desperate or frustrated, and you will achieve the balance that you are looking for.

To achieve this, you must go through a process and then we will give you advice and tips to forget that great love that is not reciprocated.

Tips & Tricks for How to stop thinking about someone who does not love you?

1). Pour Over

The more love you feel for someone who does not correspond, the more it hurts. To forget that person, you have to let off steam and let out all that you have suppressed within you for not being with that person and not having had the opportunity to be happy by his side. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you release everything you feel and feel with tears and screams. Actually, it’s much better to let all these feelings come out than to repress within you, and also you can implement that how to stop thinking about someone on your real time situations.

Do your best to have space just for you, a place where you can think and meditate about how you feel and what to do to feel better, obviously; this space should be only yours, where you just need to be you. When we say space, we do not refer specifically to physical space, just a space of time even if a few minutes a day. If you are studying or at work, you can give yourself about 20 minutes to take the time to relax.

Avoid the maximum guilt, forget your social life and your duties; it is normal to feel sad and a little depressed, but do not fall into the circle of staying at home all day and not getting out of bed and not changing clothes. If you do not avoid all this, it will be very unlikely that you can forget about that person, because all you do is concentrate on the love that was not yours but it’ll still love. hope this how to stop thinking about someone will proving helpful for forgetting someone special.

2). Keep a Distance From that Person

Keep a Distance from that person is major tips for how to stop thinking about someone. Mostly people share his/her positive response to this tip. According to this tip”To avoid more pain during this process, it is necessary to keep a certain distance from that person, because maintaining physical, visual or auditory contact will still keep you aware of what happened with that person. We do not say that cut short the contact with that person, but you do it until it is long enough, that is until you are calmer, and you trust yourself that you will never fall in love with him/her again.

If you do not want to hurt that person because you have an appreciation for him/her, then you can talk and tell what you want to do and why you will do it. A good person would really accept and respect your decision even though they feel a little sad about the decision. You can also talk to a friend and ask if you can go to them when you have the need to see or talk to the person you’re trying to separate with.

It is also important to erase all traces of that person, whether their friendship by social networks, phone numbers or any gifts that you may have, and avoid the urge to talk back to chat, call and see him/her.

3). Think About What You Will Do in the Future

At the moment it matters little how great that person is, you must first worry about you and what you’re feeling. Also, you can be blind being in love and not see the flaws that the person you idealize has. A good tip to feel relieved is to think through the reasons why a relationship between you would never work.

To know why a relationship between you both wouldn’t work, you should be aware of the defects of both; it would be advisable to have a list with all the faults. If this work is difficult, you can tell a friend who will help and so you will have a more objective view. this way also most useful and effective for how to stop thinking about someone.

4). Stop Feeling and Looking Guilty

No one says, “I’m going to fall in love with this person,” so do not look for a culprit to the situation you are going through. You should not go around telling others that the person is to blame for having seen you only as a friend nor is not a good person because he/she does not love you. If you do this, all you want is enmity, and it will make you look bad, it’s more reasons you give the other person to make him/her feel relieved not to have been in love with you. Nor should you describe to all and say everything that you feel about losing that person. Obviously, in this process you have support, and if you listen to your friends and your friends speak ill of that person for not listening to you, then thank them for their support but tell them that it’s not in anyone’s hands to make or break a relationship.

5). Talk to Someone about It

It is best to talk about the emotional and difficult situations of this process. You should not hold on to these emotions because they will make your journey of forgetting about it, a long and difficult process. Look for someone who has trust and affection for you and tells him/her how you feel. It can be a good friend of long ago, a family member that wants well for you and or it might even be a therapist to treat you especially.

You can also use a diary and explain everything you feel there as if it is someone you trust. The good thing about keeping a journal is that you realize the progress of your process, and you can ensure that you are really making progress.

7). Have Fun and Amuse Yourself

Although it is not possible to stop thinking about someone at that point and have your mind go blank without thinking of anything, it is possible to divert your thoughts to something that you really want to think about. By this, we tell you that every time you have any memories or thoughts of that person; distract yourself with other thoughts, work or activity.

If you have lots of free time and want to avoid thinking about anything, talk to a friend, go to the movies or a concert, invent something, study or find someone who you can interact with for the rest of the day. The more effort you put into not thinking about that person, the faster and less difficult will become everything.

8). Move Forward, not Backward

Everyone knows we all having some negative words in over life but If you want to forget someone or looking solution for how to stop thinking about someone then you need to remove these words into your life. There are the phrases that you should remove from your vocabulary, such as given bellow:

1). I cannot forget him/her.

2). I still want him/her.

3). I cannot be without him/her.

4). I’ll never fall in love with someone else.

5). It was only him/her.

6). There is no other person better than him/her.

7). My life has no future without him/her.

Reacting negatively can never be good; we must look positively. Everything passes and the pain you feel now will too pass.

9). Note How Far Your Progress Has Been

There is no exact time or period of time to get on with your life after going through a rejection. Everyone wears it differently. Although there will be signs by which you will realize that it is time to leave behind the love which was not reciprocated.

When you are in the process of pain, you tend to forget that each person has different problems, and you become egotistical because you think the worst thing has happened to you. When you fly again to be interested in the state of other people, and you put up with everything that you missed, you will notice that you are on track and are now on the way to heal your wounds of the soul.

If every time you receive a phone call or a text message questions or you no longer have the illusion of knowing if that person is there or not, it is a good omen that what you’re doing is fine until now.

Similarly, when any memory no longer affects you, then you know that everything is being left in the past.

10). Start Your Normal Daily Routine

Do not deprive yourself to meet new people, if you like to flirt then do it if you want to date someone or be friends with someone, do it. You do not have to necessarily go looking for a person to enter into a new relationship with. Take your time, do not rush things because then you will not get anything good.

en do it if you want to date someone or be friends with someone, do it. You do not have to necessarily go looking for a person to enter into a new relationship with. Take your time, do not rush things because then you will not get anything good.

Beware of transient relationships; they do not make you feel good. We must wait for the ideal moment.

Mostly old persons say: If you have a positive attitude and also have positive energy then you can do anything which your want, same as you can find the best way to you for how to stop thinking about someone.

Final Words for How to Stop Thinking about Someone?

In conclusion, how to stop thinking about someone who does not love you is not a simple or an easy process, but on the contrary, it is a very painful process and can become almost impossible, but it is not. What you should have is willpower and patience to forget that person who has rejected you and not to blame him/her for it because nobody commands their feelings. You will notice that though the answer to this question of How to stop thinking about someone? Is hard, it’s far from impossible. Well, if you go through a similar experience, feel free to comment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment, and if you have any opinion whatsoever, it is welcome. So long and many blessings for everyone! Hope you also love all give ways and tips for how to stop thinking about someone and will proving helpful for you.