Second Date Ideas for You and Him to Get to Know Each Other

Second Date Ideas: Try out these great second date ideas and make your date enjoyable. So you have been through the first date, and there is a mutual liking for each other. Now comes the tough part “the second date” which can be a step forward in your relationship if planned properly. Of course, you found that the first date was simply spent in getting over your initial inhibitions, getting properly introduced and getting to know the basics about each other.

Second Date Ideas

Now you are looking forward to the second date ideas because you now want to explore the other person and the relationship in depth. Well, this is the very reason that you need to think hard and come up with some great second date ideas which will ensure that you enjoy it and the company of your partner.

The second date should be such that it brings out the best of you and your partner and hence it should be more than a boring dinner or movie. Let us look at some great second date ideas which you will definitely enjoy with your partner.

50+ Second Date Ideas for You and Him to Get to Know Each Other

Bellow I am covering some very popular second date ideas, which mostly couple try on his second date, hope you also like bellow given second date ideas and will try on your second date.

1). Try an arcade even if you were not really hooked to Ms. Pacman in your childhood. This will be a fun-filled and interactive date bringing back memories of playing old school games.

2). Spending some time with nature is also a good way to nurture your relationship. You can take a stroll in the outdoors while enjoying some donuts.

3). Take a train trip to a close by the beach or historical monument which may be one hour away. You will get ample time to talk to each other on the way.

4). Staying at home and snuggling up to a cozy movie and pizza for two is also a good relaxing date.

5). You may pay a visit to the local shows to see some live musical performances depending on your mutual interests in music.

6). An adrenaline boost at a rowdy sports game will be quite thrilling. Even if you are rooting for different teams, it will simply create some innocent rivalry.

7). Playing trivia night at a bar is a good way to show off your knowledge of random facts and pop culture.

8). A stroll in the local botanical garden is more scenic than an average nature walk. You can settle on a bench outside and chat while enjoying some snacks.

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9). Go bowling and pitch your talents against each other. Grab some beer and pizza to liven up the night and this is one of the more uncommon great second date ideas.

10). You can pick a museum that is suitable for the mood you want to create. It is a good idea to study up a little so that you can engage your partner with your knowledge.

11). Playing some mini golf before dinner to relive your childhood memories and make it less serious than a full driving range.

12). If you know, horse riding then taking a ride in the sunset is a great way to bond with each other. Even if you don’t know the ropes, you can schedule a riding lesson.

13). At a farmer’s market, you will get a range of tasting options to talk about and sample. You can add extra fun to it by rounding up some ingredients and cooking a meal together afterward.

14). Galleries are great if you two are art lovers and the photos or art create excellent subjects for conversation.

15). If you want something out of the box, then a ghost tour is a great idea which will suspend disbelief and get your adrenaline pumping.

16). A little rowdiness is a good thing, and this is the reason that you should try a burlesque show, but make sure that both of you are comfortable with the idea as this is not for the shy types.

17). Of course for this idea one of you needs to have some experience at sailing. If you do, then you can go on a leisurely boating expedition. If one the other hand you do not know sailing then you can simply hire a paddle boat.

18). Making ice cream can give you the perfect way to spark some sweetness between you and your partner and will take your memories back to more innocent times.

19). Snowboarding or skiing together is a good idea if you live near a ski resort. This is a fun way to get to know each other and show off the adventurous soul that you are.

20). If you want a creative setting and have a liking for animals, then a zoo or an aquarium will make an ideal setting. You can trade stories that you know about animals and fish while doing this and show off your knowledge.

21). Then again a little cultural adventure is also enjoyable especially if both of you are foodies. In this case, you should try some out of the way cuisine like Ethiopian or something like oysters that you need to shuck. This will show your partner that you are willing to take risks.

22). Few things are as exciting as navigating a corn maze. Although this is more for teenagers, even adults will enjoy the challenge.

23). Biergarten which means beer garden is a German cultural staple. This is a great way of testing your tolerance and trying something that is from a different culture.

24). Outdoor movies or a drive-in theater are one of the great second date ideas especially during the summer where you get the additional bonus of cheap snacks and healthy outdoor air.

25). Even if you don’t believe in the occult it will be quite intriguing and exciting to find a gypsy and have your palm read. Although make sure that you don’t ask any question about your love life.

26). Taking a picnic in the park is a tried and tested idea and sure to enjoy laying back in the sun, watching people and discussing them after you are done with the snacks and beverages.

27). Playing an outdoor sport is also a good idea provided both of you are reasonable good at the sport so that the game does not become one sided. Tossing a Frisbee at the park or around on a basketball court are both good ideas.

28). If the weather is cold, then you can get the fire going and make some more. This is very effective second date ideas in cold weather.

29). You will have more fun at a local dive bar than at a stuffy cocktail place. When you are done with the pool, you can opt for some foosball or darts.

30). Poetry readings are excellent if both of you are the literary type, but keep in mind that you need to have a backup plan if you need to slip out when the poetry is simply bad.

31). For a more intriguing summer date, you can hit a pool that stays open after sunset. There will be no kids and staying in the pool after dark can be quite exciting.

32). Remember Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in ‘The Ghost.’ A pottery lesson may be just the thing to get the hormones going.

33). Renting bikes is another one of the great second date ideas whether you are in the city or the countryside. It is a great way to explore the places around you and get some exercise at the same time.

34). Roller skating is an activity which has withstood the test of time. It also gives you the opportunity to hold hands and grip onto each other when there is trouble in maintaining your balance.

35). A board game is a great idea when the weather is bad, and you don’t feel like going out. A game of scrabble or chess can be great to bring you together.

36). Cooking a meal together is a great idea to show off your cooking skills. At the same time, it gives you a chance to bond together and have fun while you cook.

37). It is not necessary to go to a full blown amusement park with roller coasters to have fun. A carnival is just as good as it is a timeless tradition and is as exciting in real life as it is on the screen. Make sure to take in as many rides as you can if you really want to have fun together.

38). Laughing enables the secretion of endorphins and can set a great tone for the night. See a stand-up comedy show and make sure to sit in the back where the comedian is not able to see any awkwardness and exploit it.

39). If you both are animal lovers, then you can take your partner to the local animal shelter and offer to walk a pair of dogs. Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, and you can also judge each other’s patience.

40). Wine tasting is one of the great second date ideas that allow you to get some free drinks and appear to be cultured at the same time. It will also enhance your knowledge about grapes, bouquets, vintages and, of course, your partner.

41). If you like the rush of adrenaline on your dates, then you can invite your partner to a go-kart race where you can try some hairpin turns. This idea is a part of most using Second Date Ideas list.

42). If there is a part of the city or town that you both have never seen before you can check it out together. You can try the local sights, taste the food and get an idea of how you should navigate the neighborhood.

43). If you live in the countryside, then this is quite easy when you can gaze at the skies when they are clear. This is also a great time to test your astrological skills. Stargazing is also very romantic as you try to figure out as many constellations as you can.

44). Go for a long walk in a scenic area whether it is the beach, a waterfront path or simply a stroll through some wilderness.

45). For foodies attending a food, the festival is a great way to try some adventure. Also, remember that a well-fed person is always happy.

46). Baking some cookies or cake is a great way to make you remember your grandmas. It also gives you a chance to exercise your creativity.

47). Horse racing is another great idea if you love excitement and thrill. You can root for the same horse or different one. Just make sure that you do not bet too high because then losing a large amount of money can mar the fun of the date.

48). If you are planning an all nighter then a close by the camp site can be one of the great second date ideas. Snuggling close to a campfire and munching some pre-cooked food or even cooking in the open air can be quite an adventure.

49). A fashion show is a great way to show off your cultured side and also give you the chance to learn the current trends.

50). Flowers can be quite romantic, and you can take a stroll through a flower market or a large florist store for that touch of the romantic.