100+ Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons why I love you: Loving someone unconditionally and entirely is something that sometimes takes time and sometimes not. You may have spent five years with someone before you realized what you really felt like or it may only have been a couple of months. “Reasons why I love you” are diverse, sometimes a little crazy and almost always something we did not expect to love. If you’re with someone you love at this time, I know that since you started reading this, his/her image would have appeared in your mind.

100+ Reasons Why I Love You

You may be thinking of his/her face, the soft, tender and private look that only you get to see in the morning or in the embrace which improves even the worst of days. Love has come into our lives to stay and we love everything that it means.

So, here I give you 220 of the most important reasons why I love you, though there are a lot more of those reasons why I love you.

220+ Best Reasons Why I Love You

1). We have a commitment that goes far beyond the physical.

2). You remember even the smallest things that I say.

3). For with you, I have learned to see the world differently.

4). You love me as I am.

5). A single hug from you improves my day.

6). Every day I learn something new from you.

7). You make me feel incredibly safe.

8). You are not afraid of commitment or their implications.

9). As you make my present and my future happier and brighter.

10). I want to find only you at home after a long and tiring day.

11). We are always connected, even when we are far away.

12). You’re an inspiration to me.

13). We are the perfect team.

14). You make me laugh. This is the most important one of the reasons why I love you.

15). I never doubt you.

16). We trust each other immensely.

17). You are the most positive person I know.

18). Our relationship is build on equality and trust.

19). You’re not afraid to tell me that you love me.

20). You always treat me with respect and love.

21). We are imperfect but we have a perfect love.

22). For always helping me in everything I propose.

23). You always know how to lift my spirits.

24). For I’ve realized that I’m special with you.

25). Our love makes everything seem possible, even in the hardest of times.

26). It’s you. One of the simplest reasons why I love you.

27). Your family accepts me as one of their own.

28). You try to speak my native language even when you don’t know it well.

29). You always give your best shot at everything you do.

30). When I am sick, you take care of me unconditionally.

31). You let me lean on your shoulder.

32). I always think of you.

33). Each time I ask you to stay a little longer, you stay.

34). I love to just hold you in my arms.

35). You are like my backbone, always supporting me in all my endeavors.

36). When we met, I fell for you at first sight.

37). You get the best of me.

38). Every day next to you is a gift of life.

39). We have overcome all difficulties one after another together.

40). With you, no dream seems impossible.

41). When I’m with you, I do not need anyone else.

42). I’m dying to see your face when you read these reasons why I love you.

43). You’re the most amazing person I know.

44). I feel like the luckiest man/woman in the world because you are there in my life.

45). I enjoyed all the memories we have made together.

46). I wake up in the morning thinking about you.

47). I always want us to walk side by side, together.

48). You always forgive me.

49). Being so good to me.

50). You’re always there when I am low.

51). You’re the best thing of my life.

52). Every Friday together is an adventure.

53). I will always remember our first kiss.

54). Right now, I would die to be with you.

55). For giving me everything that I expected and more.

56). You’re perfect for me.

57). My life is you and only you.

58). You take care of me when nobody does.

59). You can reach my heart like nobody else.

60). I want you and only you.

61). You care about me.

62). You’re the only one for me.

63). I didn’t know what love was before you entered my life so unexpectedly. I now do.

64). You endure me every day.

65). You know me better than anyone.

66). For all our good times.

67). For all our bad times.

68). You treat me with an incredible sweetness always.

69). You make my tears turn into smiles.

70). I miss every second that passes without you by my side.

71). I feel lucky to have you.

72). You treat me like a princess.

73). I have always wanted you.

74). I would love to stop the time when I’m with you.

75). I love looking at you.

76). You’re simply perfect.

77). You are sincere.

78). For when I start to shiver, you warm me with your embrace.

79). You accept my shortcomings.

80). For your delicacy.

81). For your understanding.

82). For your love.

83). You put up with my bad moods.

84). You make me be myself.

85). I want to be with you on all your birthdays.

86). I know I can trust you.

87). You are essential in my life.

88). I like caressing you.

89). I like to kiss you.

90). With each passing day, I want you more.

91). I feel special and loved whenever I am around you.

92). You give meaning to my life.

93). I can talk to you about whatever, whenever.

94). I cannot be without you.

95). You are here for me in my worst moments.

96). When you go, I always miss you.

97). You have left a mark on my life.

98). For all the embarrassing moments.

99). You probably still love me after I have made you read this much.

100). For all the times you left me speechless with your beauty.

101). I still have a million more reasons why I love you.

102). You have made me a better person.

103). You are the only one whom I have allowed to hold my hand while walking on the street.

104). I want to be the last woman in your life.

105). I love you enough to take a day to write this blog for you.

106). I will not let anything break this beautiful relationship of ours.

107). I know you better than myself.

108). I’ve gotten so used to you that I don’t think I can survive without you now.

109). I’m glad you love me.

110). You make each moment special and memorable.

111). For everything that we have.

112). We have so much in common.

113). For being so understanding.

114). Because I could never love anyone more than I love you.

115). For all the times that you fall out of bed because I tickle you.

116). Because you always remember my birthday even if I forget yours.

117). You make the most serious problem change into nothing.

118). I remember the day you first smiled my way.

119). I want to spend each day by your side.

120). I love tickling you and then seeing you laugh hysterically.

121). You’re simply wonderful.

122). I love your hair.

123). I always tell you not to put on contact lenses while sleeping but you still do it.

124). For all those white duck with the hearts that you gave me.

125). For all those tight hugs that you give me.

126). For those kisses that you give me.

127). For all of your calls checking up to see if I’ve taken my meals on time.

128). For all of your concerns about my wellbeing.

129). For letting me sit on your bed every day.

130). For the years we have left to spend together.

131). You invite me to the movies.

132). You loving call me a douche bag.

133). For all the football matches I still have left to see with you.

134). For all the football fields I’ve met thanks to you.

135). Because you say “ass” apropos.

136). For all the nights that I spend dreaming of you.

137). For the hours we spent talking in each other’s arms.

138). Because we can overcome all the bad times together.

139). For every perfect day I spend by your side.

140). For those mornings we spend together in bed.

141). For all those evenings watching sci-fi movies.

142). For all the nice things you say to me.

143). I saw you do cross stitching the other day.

144). You care for my hobbies.

145). You’re great.

146). You take precious photos.

147). For your serenity.

148). For your empathy.

149). For your love.

150). Life without you is no life at all.

Love is a beautiful feeling that makes us feel all gooey and happy. Being in love is probably the best feeling in the world and being in love brings some responsibilities on you too. One of those responsibilities is to let the person you know in not so many words, the reasons why you love him/her. Every being needs to feel loved and appreciated on this planet and trust me when I say this that this little gesture of appreciation and love will go a long way to strengthening your relationship with him/her. He/she will know how much they matter to you and what importance they hold in your life.

Think about how you will feel once your beloved or your partner tells you the reasons why he/she loves you. Now reciprocate that feeling to him/her and rekindle the romance in your relationship via these 220 reasons why I love you.

And so we have some additional reasons why I love you:

151). Together we are raising our children in a very happy home.

152). You love to share your thoughts about books that we read together.

153). You teach our children fun and crazy things.

154). You care about how I feel.

155). We have made a lot of decisions together.

156). You tell me how beautiful I am.

157). You’re my best friend.

158). I love your eyes when you smile.

159). You give me a tender kiss goodbye when I’m still asleep in the morning.

160). You always open the car door for me to enter.

161). You always keep your mobile full of funny things to show them to me and to make me laugh. This is one of the primary

reasons why I love you.

162). Your face on our wedding day was the happiest face I’ve ever seen in my life.

163). You make me feel special.

164). You get involved in helping me with the household chores.

165). You’re the best father/mother in the world.

166). You stay with me in my best and my worst moments.

167). When things do not go as planned, you manage instead to create a non-stressful environment.

168). I miss you even when you’re in the next room.

169). I love it when you run to give me a hug.

170). Because you’d rather go to bed with me than see a program on television.

171). Your dreams are my dreams.

172). Because even at 50, you are the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.

173). You know me better than I know myself.

174). You’re always willing to help me achieve my goals.

175). You put my needs before yours.

176). You help me stay calm when my life is a mess.

177). You have the ability to calm me with just a touch.

178). I love how you make me laugh even when the situation is not funny.

179). I love how much interest and effort you put in everything you do for me.

180). You have an innate ability to protect and take care of me.

181). You’re always getting the best of me and are my number one fan in everything I do.

182). You make all my dreams come true, however small they may be.

183). You inspire me.

184). You are my other half.

185). You believe in me.

186). Your hands fit perfectly in mine.

187). I feel safe whenever I am with you.

188). You do not just tell me how much you love me, you show me.

189). You know when to cheer me up when I’m sad.

190). I love that you ask me how my day went.

191). Your patience is admirable.

192). You always give me a massage when I ask for one.

193). You make the best milkshakes in the world.

194). You have a passion for everything you do.

195). You deny that you’re beautiful and I love trying to convince you of the same.

196). Each time you speak, I love you even more.

197). You are an angel.

198). You have the patience of a saint.

199). Simply because you’re you.

200). I don’t think life would be life if you’re not in it.

201). Each day with you is like I a novelty and it is like I am reborn each day by your side.

202). Your arms are the only safe haven where I want to be for the rest of my life.

203). You make me home cooked meals when I’m back from a long and tiring day at work.

204). No woman/man can ever do what you do for me. This I fear is one of the primary reasons why I love you and always will.

205). You are always there with me in my darkest times to throw light in my life and ward of the terrors and fears far away.

206). You are the only one with whom I want to share all my joys, and my sorrows and my happiness and my fears and mysuccess and my failure…only you. I think this is one of those reasons why I love you that can stand all alone and doesn’t need a further explanation. 

207). I am not capable of loving anyone as much as I love you.

If these are enough reasons why I love you, I got more reasons why I love you…

208). Your smile is my best sight in the world and I want to see it each day and night.

209). Though my life has still had ups and downs after you came in it, I now have you to share them all with.

210). With you, everything seems brighter and better.

211). You make me breakfast in bed. This is one of my favorite reasons why I love you.

212). I don’t think I could ever love anyone as much as I love you and this is one of the first few reasons why I love you.

213). You always forgive me even when I fight or am in a bad mood. You have a big heart and I am a part of it. Isn’t that enough of the reasons why I love you?

214). Loving you comes naturally to me as you and I are the most compatible people in the whole world.

215). You take care of me when I’m sick and you take care of all my needs first and then think about your own.

216). I want to make love with you every single day for the rest of our lives. I’m sorry; this is one of the primary reasons why I love you.

217). There is no one else in this world like you. You are one of a kind, unique and versatile.

218). Even when we fight, I still love you and I can’t make myself stay away from you for a long time.

219). You always help other people and think about others before yourself. You always help the poor and the needy and this is why I love you more with each passing day.

220). I can spend our whole lives getting scolded by you and will still love you like I loved you the first time I saw you. Because it was without doubt, love at first sight for me.

“I think these reasons why I love you are still not enough. I can quote at least a thousand more reasons why I love you. The thing is that there doesn’t exist reasons why I love you enough to let you how much I love you.”

If you say these lines to your partner in addition to the reasons why I love you, he/she will fall in love with you all over again. So, why not choose one of these reasons why I love you and let that person know all the “reasons why I love you”!

I have many more than just these 220 reasons why I love you, but I just told you the 220 most important reasons why I love you.

There are many reasons why I love you, but if I am honest, those are generally the small and absurd things that I love about you: the most important reason why I love you is that you accept me for who I am.

Love does not knock our door a lot of times and so when it does, we need to appreciate the fact that we found it as much as we need to appreciate our partner. And there is only one way to appreciate him/her-telling him/her, the reasons why I love you.

So, dedicate one of these reasons why I love you to your partner today and rekindle the romance in your relationship and let him/her know why you love him/her so damn much!