100+ Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons why I love you: Loving someone unconditionally and entirely is something that sometimes takes time and sometimes not. You may have spent five years with someone before you realized what you really felt like or it may only have been a couple of months. “Reasons why I love you” are diverse, sometimes a little crazy and almost always something we did not expect to love. If you’re with someone you love at this time, I know that since you started reading this, his/her image would have appeared in your mind.

100+ Reasons Why I Love You

You may be thinking of his/her face, the soft, tender and private look that only you get to see in the morning or in the embrace which improves even the worst of days. Love has come into our lives to stay and we love everything that it means.

So, here I give you 220 of the most important reasons why I love you, though there are a lot more of those reasons why I love you.

220+ Best Reasons Why I Love You

1). We have a commitment that goes far beyond the physical.

2). You remember even the smallest things that I say.

3). For with you, I have learned to see the world differently.

4). You love me as I am.

5). A single hug from you improves my day.

6). Every day I learn something new from you.

7). You make me feel incredibly safe.

8). You are not afraid of commitment or their implications.

9). As you make my present and my future happier and brighter.

10). I want to find only you at home after a long and tiring day.

11). We are always connected, even when we are far away.

12). You’re an inspiration to me.

13). We are the perfect team.

14). You make me laugh. This is the most important one of the reasons why I love you.

15). I never doubt you.

16). We trust each other immensely.

17). You are the most positive person I know.

18). Our relationship is build on equality and trust.

19). You’re not afraid to tell me that you love me.

20). You always treat me with respect and love.

21). We are imperfect but we have a perfect love.

22). For always helping me in everything I propose.

23). You always know how to lift my spirits.

24). For I’ve realized that I’m special with you.

25). Our love makes everything seem possible, even in the hardest of times.

26). It’s you. One of the simplest reasons why I love you.

27). Your family accepts me as one of their own.

28). You try to speak my native language even when you don’t know it well.

29). You always give your best shot at everything you do.

30). When I am sick, you take care of me unconditionally.

31). You let me lean on your shoulder.

32). I always think of you.

33). Each time I ask you to stay a little longer, you stay.

34). I love to just hold you in my arms.

35). You are like my backbone, always supporting me in all my endeavors.

36). When we met, I fell for you at first sight.

37). You get the best of me.

38). Every day next to you is a gift of life.

39). We have overcome all difficulties one after another together.

40). With you, no dream seems impossible.

41). When I’m with you, I do not need anyone else.

42). I’m dying to see your face when you read these reasons why I love you.

43). You’re the most amazing person I know.

44). I feel like the luckiest man/woman in the world because you are there in my life.

45). I enjoyed all the memories we have made together.

46). I wake up in the morning thinking about you.

47). I always want us to walk side by side, together.

48). You always forgive me.

49). Being so good to me.

50). You’re always there when I am low.