How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back (Him)

Sometimes it happens with you. The relationship you thought would last for a lifetime end up on a rough note. Sometimes all these things end up without even knowing what is going wrong. Relationships are so delicate. A little bit of misunderstanding can break it completely.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

But when your love is true and strong then it can survive anything. There are fights, arguments, and misunderstandings in every relationship. But there are people who find their love through all these things.

When your love is for real, then it does not matter who broke up and why? All that matter is that you want him back in your life, and you want this to happen for sure. All you think about is how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

This is the time when you do not think about your dignity. Well, this is not a thing where you need to focus on your ego. This is a thing which is for the lifetime. And all you need to care is how to get your ex boyfriend back.

You love him, and this is for sure. That is why you do not care that he is your ex. All you ever want is his attention back on yours. But there are many things that you need to take care of. You should know that he is not into other relationship now. It is so stupid and selfish to destroy someone else world to create yours.

If he is still into you, then it can be seen through his social media circle. After being so long with him, you can easily guess that whether he wants you back or not. This is the time when you need to take up on this. You need to make a move for how to get your ex boyfriend back.

But sometimes you do not know that what the perfect moves are for it. You do not get it right that how to get your ex boyfriend back. But now you need not worry about it at all.

Here are the different tips and tricks for how to get your ex boyfriend back. These are simple and easy going things which should be used for sure. As per my recommendation, you should definitely go for these ideas.

Think About What Went Wrong

Before working on how to get your ex boyfriend back, you should think about the past. You should have a complete analysis that what went wrong between you two. If it is his fault, then you should think that whether you are ready to accept him. If it is your mistake, then you should think that whether he will forgive you or not.

This is really important to think about the past before planning a future with him. You should get this straight in your head that why you people parted ways from each other.

Think about it completely that whether these problems are going to occur again or not. If you guys cannot stay together, then there is no point in thinking that how to get your ex boyfriend back. If this is your mistake, then you should admit it. This is not a nice way to blame him for everything if you really want back. Love is precious so make decision correctly

Do You Really Want Him Back?

This is the time to make an analysis that why you want him back. Is it only about the physical relationship between you too? Or is it something which you think can sustain the time being of the entire life?

You should be sure on this that you really want him back. Just satisfying your ego is not the solution to anything.

If you want him back out of obsession, then it is not love. It is just the possession of him. You cannot get him without his will too. So it is important that you take care about his wish too. After all, a relationship is about two people as one.

It is really important to think about it patiently that do you really want him back in your life. After having all the bad phase if you still want him only then work on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Take Some Time off Everything Else

Take some time out of everything and think about it by keeping yourself calm. It is so common that after every break up you suddenly want your ex around you even more. May be that is the reason you want to work on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

But before getting emotional, you should be more sensible enough to think that whether you really want him back or not?

Life is full of complications and love and heart make it more complex. That is the reason that you need to think twice before thinking about how to get your ex boyfriend back? May be you are doing all these things in the flow of emotions. But it is not right at all to take the decisions in an emotional breakdown.

Think of the reason that leads you two to break up. Who knows this may stop you from getting back together with him. So you should take some time and then think about all these things. It will give you a better image of your plans.

Build Your Own Self-Esteem

It happens with every single girl. She gets stuck herself abruptly in the post break up things. She does not eat well, sleep well and talk well. She confined herself in the four walls of her room and disconnected from everything else in the world. She keeps on crying and thinks only about her ex-boyfriend. Each and everything around her reminds herself of her ex. And this seems to be very critical and crucial time.

But this is the time where you need to be calm a lot. You need to build a self-esteem in you. The more stable you’ll feel in your life, the more prone you are to build some long lasting relationship.

You can talk to your friends about it. This will help you a lot to get out of the silly things running in your mind. This will break your idea of thinking on how to get your ex boyfriend back. If you are going through the depression, then you can talk to some psychiatrist. It will really help you a lot for your mental strength.

Work on Your Flaws

If you have made up your mind about getting back together with your ex, then you need to work on certain things. These are the things which went wrong previously. And this is the time to make them fall in place correctly. You really need to work on your flaws when you are thinking about how to get your ex boyfriend back.

You would have to get better than what he thinks about you. You have to make sure that you make the things right which went wrong previously.

Make sure that you do not cross his ways for some time. Because when he sees a totally changed look of yours, he will automatically come to you. He will be blown away by seeing you turning much prettier now. And this is the time when you need to take up on. You need to woo him without letting him know that you are trying for him. And he will be all yours again after some time.

Do not dwell on Your Mistakes

What makes our future different from our past? It is the things that we do. These are the things which happened in our past, but we do not have to repeat them in our future. That is why our future can always be better than our past. It lies in our hands to create our future on our own.

Think about the mistakes you did in the past which led you towards the separation with him. It is your time to fall everything on right place.

You need to promise yourself that you are not going to dwell on the mistakes of past. If you can make sure on this only then you should think about how to get your ex boyfriend back. It is stupidity to repeat the things which caused the breakup. And if you cannot change yourself then you should leave the thought of reconciling with him. It will surely lead you towards the break up again.

Try to Forgive Him

This is the most important step for how to get your ex boyfriend back. In fact, your relationship relies on this fact the most that whether you can forgive him or not. Even if you are not thinking about getting back together with him, still it is important. You cannot start a new life afresh if you cannot get over with the past one.

And if you really want to get him back then you would have to forgive him for each of his mistakes. You cannot love him again with the bitter things still in your heart.

You need to make your heart strong and forget all his mistakes. This will melt him, and he will surely come to you. Who do not want a girl like this in his life? Love is a really strong feeling. And it will surely make you forget everything else in the world. This will help you a lot with the issue of how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Do not get into a New Relationship

Listen girl! If you are thinking that you can make your ex-jealous by finding a new guy, then you are totally wrong. This can backfire on you for sure. You can surely find a new guy; there are plenty of them. But only on this condition that you do not want your ex back in your life. If he would see you happy with someone else then why he would ever come back in your life?

These are the really old tricks of making your ex-jealous. You should let him know that there are so many guys mingling around you, but you are not interested in anyone of them.

This will be a smarter choice to work on how to get your ex boyfriend back. If you are opting for a new guy just for a temporary relationship, then it is totally wrong. You are playing with the emotions of two people at the same time for only your benefit.

Try to Change Yourself

Look what mess have you created after being what you are? So it is the time to change you. Changing is not easy at all but if you try then you can succeed in it. If you would be kept on doing the same things, then you would be getting the same results.

No miracle can happen if you are on the same route. You would have to make some necessary changes in yourself for how to get your ex boyfriend back.

These changes are not only about your outer appearance. But these are also about the way you think and the way you behave. It is really important to change your outlook towards others to get your guy back in your life. Along with your perspective, you should also change the way you are living.

Your messy lifestyle should become an organized one. Witty and smart women always attract men the most. So try to be an empowered woman in his life.

Initiate the Contact with Him

Now this is yet another important step for how to get your ex boyfriend back. You cannot win over him until you get in touch with him again. He is not going to get it that what is in your heart until you are not going to say it to him.

So you would have to make some effort to initiate the contact with him again. Now this depends on upon the certain situation. There are possibilities that you guys haven’t been in contact since months or an entire year. Or there is a possibility that you guys broke up just one or two weeks ago.

It is also a matter of fact that who was the one to break up. If it was him, then you should not make it too easy for him to get you. You should keep it going at a slow pace in order to get him back. Once you get in touch with him again, then it will be a lot easier to know that what is going on in his life.

Make It the Best Night of His Life

This is definitely a truth that at the end you guys will be making out at his place or yours. There is very much possibility to get him back through this. A lot of things depend on upon this single night of your life.

Men are the one who compare a lot. They are surely going to miss the coziness you two used to have with each other. So it is really natural that you can win over him through this fantastic night. I know that this may sound shallow and a bit absurd to you.

But having a great night together can change a lot of things. You must be mind-blowing this time around. From your lingerie to your moves, everything should be hot enough to turn up the heat out there.

This is just the perfect thing for how to get your ex boyfriend back. But you should not hurry for it like hell. It should not be your first move. But make sure when it happens, it should take his breaths away.

Spend Some Quality Time with Him

Having the best sex ever is not the only key to how to get your ex boyfriend back. But there are a lot of things which matters the same for this.

Romance is something which not only means regarding getting close physically. There should be some small moments of love between you two which can remind him of the past. It should make him remember the great time you guys had before.

You can go out with him on a romantic date. You can send him some long texts telling him the feelings inside your heart. You can order some surprise gifts for him. You can also buy him some chocolates and fresh roses.

This may sound a bit awkward to you to do these things again. But trust me, a pinch of love and care can really do magic for you. You can easily get him back through these things. If he had loved you truly, then he will surely come to you again.

Do not take Him for Granted

You have done this before, so you should take care of it now. You cannot take him or the things related to him for granted. It would be like dwelling on the mistakes of past. It would surely be like committing the same mistakes with all your senses on.

You should listen to him carefully and react with patience. Being short tempered leads you nowhere.

You should give him some space and time. He should have his own life apart from you. You love him that does not mean that you own him. There should be some personal space for both of you. And there is one more thing which is important for how to get your ex boyfriend back. You should not doubt on him unnecessarily.

Talk to His Friends

If you are getting restless about getting him back, then you should go for it. When you see that no other thing is working correctly then, you should talk to his friends about it.

This would be more perfect if you guys have some friends in common. This can really help you a lot to work on how to get your ex boyfriend back. Friends always give you the right advice and especially for the relationship things.

You should also talk to his male friends more. Because they are the one with whom he is closest to. They can give you just the right information about him. They can tell you perfectly that whether he has someone in his life now. They can also tell you that whether he is dying to get back to you.

Have an Open Discussion about Your Break Up

This is the thing which is just the right thing to do. You should behave mature instead of behaving like a dumb child. You cannot be stubborn about it that you want him back. There should be his part of the conversation too.

You should know that what he thinks about getting back together with you. Having an open discussion about break up can sort out many things.

This can give you the chance you did not get earlier. If you guys haven’t spoken earlier about it, then you can do it now. This is the most matured step for how to get your ex boyfriend back. This can sort out the things which remained complicated earlier. This is by far the best thing to do.


Relationships are something which is not handled by mechanical ideas. This is something which is related to our mind and soul. All these ideas can only give you overview of how to get your ex boyfriend back. It totally depends upon you that how you work on it.

There are people who are just obsessed with the thought of getting back with their ex. But you should not be the one doing this. You should take some time out of your life and think about it.

Do opt for these things only if you really want to get him back. Do not do this out of your obsession or failure. Love is not about taking revenge. But caring and adoring each other’s decision. Still if you think that there is any scope then only go for these things for how to get your ex boyfriend back.