10+ How to Flirt with a Girl Perfect Ways

How to Flirt with a Girl: Girls are the most complicated person alive on this planet. It is not a play of kids to make her smile. You cannot woo her without an utter feeling of creativity in your mind. Calling her Baby, sweetheart is the old things now. Now you need to come up with some extra ordinary ideas to catch up with her pace.

How to Flirt with a Girl

There are a lot of guys who are waiting for her. Why she would chose you if you do not have something special in you. That is the thing where you need to work on, my boy!

You cannot woo her at all if you do not know that how to flirt with a girl. Flirting too is a risky business. Either she would be all yours and one step wrong and you will be black listed by even her best friends. So there are a lot of areas to be worked on when you are dealing with a girl.

Well, if discussing this frankly then I would advise you to be romantic for sure. Girls do not like the rigid personalities at all. They like someone who has a heart tender like a baby and with whom she can share her darkest secrets.

You can be the one if you know that how to flirt with a girl. You can never succeed in getting her if you will not be able to climb even the first step of it.

So gear up guys!  I got so many ideas for how to flirt with a girl. And these ideas will not let you down for sure. But the condition is that you should have that in you to try out such stuffs. A confident personality is a must for these tricks.

10+ How to Flirt with a Girl Perfect Ways

Below, I have listed out many things that you need to take care of for how to flirt with a girl. Like the stereotype things they are not the expensive gifts at all. So you do not have to worry about your pocket. These are the things which will directly land you a place in her heart.

1). Start the things by randomly smiling at her

Sometimes it happens that you like a girl in a random club. You guys start chilling there on a usual basis. But the main problem occurs when you do not even know her name. You cannot do work on how to flirt with a girl without even knowing her name.

So this is the time when you need to use your body language to interact with her. You can casually smile at her.

Make sure that this smile should clearly depict that you are interested in her. If she too would be interested in you then she will also smile back. This is the time when you need to pick up the pace. This is the correct opportunity for you to ask out her name.

Then rest of the things you can leave on the social media. Send her a friend request on facebook and all the doors to how to flirt with a girl will be open for you automatically.

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2). Compliment Her Every Time You Guys Meet

If you guys are more likely to cross ways then you should not miss the right opportunity for sure. This is the time when you can actually make the right move to flirt with her. If you guys have started talking in person then this is natural that she will surely talk to you.

You can compliment her at these times. No matter if you have not came down yet from her face, but do not forget to compliment her every now and then.

This is the right key to how to flirt with a girl. Girl loves compliments and you should be the one giving them. so indirectly she will be liking the compliments giver too.

Well, that can be a stupid philosophy yet can prove to be true in some cases. You can say her that she is increasing the beauty of the color she is wearing. Well, as I said you would have to make your main focus towards her not on her dress. I hope now you are getting to know it a bit that how to flirt with a girl.

3). Be a Guy and Make the First Move

Usually things do not work out in the same way that you have planned. And it happens because you are not making that first move to get closer to her. You are not trying enough to make it clear for her that you interested in her. In short you are not flirting in the way a girl desires.

Girls always want a guy to make the first move. She will not do anything even if she is deep down so much interested in you. That is why am here to let you know that how to flirt with a girl.

Actually this is not a rocket science. You just need to do the right things on right time. And she will be so much attracted to you. The first move can be anything. But make sure that you keep it classy and elegant.

You are a man, not a guy and you would have to keep some class for it. You can readily walk towards her try to talk to her. You can ask to dance with you in a club. These little things are something which is worth trying.

4). Have Some Confidence and Be Direct

You do not need to keep the things going round and round. These are the things which will lead you nowhere in your love life. You should have the charisma and confidence in you that you can deal with any awkward talks and situations.

I know sometimes you can get trapped in an awestruck situation. But remember that confidence is the key. And it is the key to how to flirt with a girl too.

If things are progressing in a rather slow pace then this is the time to pick up the pace. And you can do this by being direct on the things you really want from her. No, am not talking about money.

I am talking about that special place in her life that you want. And trust me you just need some confidence for it. And what comes under confidence is the right way to talk and flirt. For which you really need a nice eye contact and body language. These are the real goals for how to flirt with a girl.

5). Watch Out for Her Reaction

Her reaction is everything in the case of flirting. This will give you the correct timing and enthusiasm to talk. Your pace for gearing up to make her yours depends upon the way she reacts on your chitchats.

There are some of the things in a girl’s behavior that you really need to understand. Well, nobody could master the art yet. But you can surely be the one trying to understand it. What they say has a different meaning and what they do not say has even more different meaning. And this is the most important step for how to flirt with a girl.

If she blushes over what you are saying then you are going in the right direction. And now you should try to hold her hands. If she resist then you should not force. But if she agrees then you should not stop.

Girls can be complicated and you should understand even their silence. A smile from her is everything and it is the perfect reaction for all your flirtatious behavior.

6). Show That You Are Totally Interested in Her

Girls want real attention from the guys. Ad it is a prime factor for how to flirt with a girl too. And make sure that you never go wrong with it. I mean you can grab her attention from the idiotic things too. So please try to be publically well behaved. I hope you do not want to spoil your image forever.

You would have to grab her attention by showing that you are interested in her. And just like I always recommend that it should be in an indirect way for sure.

You can post some romantic things on the social media with some secret message between you two. It would make her feel like a special person in your life. And she would surely blush by looking at it.

You need to care for her too. Take care of her when she is sick. And there are a lot of things which can surely show that you are interested in her.

7). Talk about Her Passions

Girls like to talk about the things which are of their interest. You should be clever at it that what is to be talk and what is to be not. If she will feel happy while talking to you then she would want to talk to you more and more every time.

Apart from these things you can also learn about her a lot more. You should know that what the things she is good at are. You can also encourage her to do something extra ordinary in the era.

This is the perfect trick for how to flirt with a girl. You will get to know her more and she will love to talk to you again and again. And this is the perfect strategy for you to win over her heart brick by brick.

8). Involve in Physical Contact

I am not asking you to get completely closer with her. I am just asking you to steam up the things slowly and steadily. These are the things which helps in going something else than the friends. And make sure that you do not fall in the category of friend one to her.

You can grab her hands while talking. If nothing much is left to say then you can just sit like that holding her hands. If she will be comfortable with it then she would not leave her hand and it is a positive sign too.

And if she is not comfortable then, you should be courteous and let her leave it and do not force her. You should be a man and respect her choices. This is really important for how to flirt with a girl.

9). Keep Good Sense of Humor

Apart from the good looks good sense of humor is also a thing which attracts the girl. A guy with great looks and zero sense of humor can seems to be dumb. But a guy with average looks and great sense of humor tends to be more attractive.

Sense of humor is not about creating a joke every now and then. But it is about how to make her smile all the time. Make her laugh and you have succeed at how to flirt with her.

You can go for some crazy pick up lines to interact with her. Some cool lines can really help you a lot in flirting with her. You should not go over the top as it can seem to be like a scripted thing.

10). Tease Her Playfully

In the starting of the chitchats, girls are not that much comfortable with you. But it is all up to you that how can you help yourself the breaking the ice between you two. You should do such things which look cute as well as attractive.

You can tease her on some of her weird choices. You can make fun of it but to such extent that it should not hurt her feelings.

If you really want to know that how to flirt with a girl then you should make her comfortable with you first. And this can be totally done by such teasing. But make sure that the conversation should not go a bit serious at all.

11). Ask for Her Phone Number

Now that you guys have been hanging around for so long, it is the right time for one step closer. You should ask for her phone number now. Chatting on the facebook may seem boring sometimes. Now it is the time to move on with some conversation on the phone.

If she readily gives her phone number to you then it is the sign that she is into you. And if you are asking it to her then it is the best way for how to flirt with a girl.

Asking for her phone number can be seriously the next step higher. This will increase the time span of your chats and talks. If she resists giving her phone number then you should not force her. May be she has some problems regarding it. Wait for some time and she will surely do it on her own.

12). Take Her Out on a Date

This is the major and real life turning thing for you. And trust me it can do wonders for sure. Girls have so any ideal ideas for the perfect date of her life. But as you are on the middle of somewhere with her then you should not go too mainstream.

Instead of a date this can be a hang out session too. You can take her to the nearby lake. Here the two of you can have some quality time together.

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This date is something which can really help you to get to know her more and more. And who knows that things can lead to somewhere high. This is the perfect idea for how to flirt with a girl. You can also take her to the drive thru and can have some snacks together. These small dates will surely make you to the higher level very soon.

13). Stay What You Are

After getting her digits, do not go overwhelmed with it. You do not need to change anything in you to woo her. If you are changing yourself then you should stop doing that right now. It is not the right thing to do. It only looks artificial and superimposed.

If you really wanna flirt with her then make sure that you are the same guy, you were before meeting her. Use your own sense of humor not a copied one.

It looks like a dumb guy try to speak in alien language. If you really want to know that how to flirt with a girl then be casual. You just need to take extra care of her not of yourself. Do not try to mimic a superhero in your real life. This will hover over your own personality.

Be the normal guy she can go out with. Be the guy she can introduce to her friends. Not a crazy fellow who just cannot get enough of copying someone else. This is the most basic thing for how to flirt with a girl.

14). Call Her with Cute Nick Names

Now that you guys are becoming comfortable with each other then you should pick up with the next move. Now that you guys have exchanged phone numbers with each other then it is necessary that you should not waste this opportunity.

All the people use social media on a large extent. And am sure you people are also falls in this category too. Well, you got me right. You can use social media for how to flirt with her.

You can save her number with a cute nick name. And make sure while you send some screenshots to her, this name should be visible to her. This would look accidental but only you know that it was planned.

You can also send her some cute texts over her nick name. You can also call her by this name in public. Names like sunshine, doll, cutie pie are the perfect ones for these things. These nick names would surely make her go “awww” for you.

15). Use Flirty Emoticons While Chatting

This is the new cool among the youngsters. Social media has been the best way throughout to get in contact with a girl. Things start from facebook and become serious on Whatsapp. After getting her contact number it would be very much easy for you to chat with her.

This is your time to use the technology for how to flirt with a girl. This is the best way to get closer to her fast.

You can use various things on whatsapp to flirt with her. You can send flirtatious smiley to her while chatting. You can send her the heart and wink emoticons. You can also send her cute texts while she is asleep.

These little things may not seem important to you but they really helps a lot for how to flirt with a girl. This can seriously land you the girl you like the most. You can also send her some cute pictures and images. These images can depict the feeling inside your heart which you could never express.

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I have tried to cover up each and every era where you need to work on for how to flirt with a girl. Just a whooping bank balance in your account cannot find you the girl of your dreams. There should be a perfect body language and at most care for this.

This is not only about how to flirt with a girl. But it is also about each female friend that you have. They just need a little bit of more affection from you. Affection is not about getting close with you physically or falling in love. But it is also about listening to her problems and being always there for her.

Use the technology as wisely as you can for how to flirt with a girl. This will surely help you more than any other ideas.

Life is small and it would not give you another chance for finding the right person. And who knows that a bit of flirting can get you your life partner. It is uncertain to determine anything but each coming moment has a big surprise in its arms for you.