Cute Love Text Messages for Him & Her

Love text messages: Love SMS’s have been used quite a lot in the recent years. I do not know if the younger generation shall remember it, but 6 or 7 years ago, there were no Smart phones and text or SMS messages were the only way to communicate without having to call the other person. These messages of love had a common feature that they were too short, since the SMS did not support more than 160 characters; similar to what happens with Twitter today.

Thus, these messages were very specific and went straight to the point. Now, there are other ways to communicate in writing like WhatsApp through which texts can be made longer. Here I will leave for you some beautiful love text messages that you can share with your partner through your android or apple devices.

Being in love is one of the most special feelings that can happen to a person, not only because your love is reciprocated but also because of how you feel. In fact, you feel happy at all hours of the day, you cannot stop thinking about him/her, and you feel cheerful and optimistic. You experience all these sensations when you’re really in love and that love is reciprocated. It is so beautiful and special that you never want it to end. Do you want to capture all these emotions and sensations that you feel in phrases, words and/or love text messages? Because this is where I come in! I come to help you guys choose a nice phrase to dedicate a thought and/or love text messages to send via WhatsApp etc. to that special someone in your life.

Romantic SMS’s are the new way to engage and to be romantic with your partner and in recent years, the demand for sending love text messages has increased exponentially. There are even operators of telephone companies subscribing to them after some symbolic payment after which, you can send a dedication, a phrase or compliments daily to your girlfriend.

Do not settle with saying “I love you” to your girlfriend. Try to be creative and say something that makes her sigh with love for you. When we are in love, it is easy to find inspiration and to say nice things but sometimes, the excitement can beat us and we cannot express what we really want.

Want to give your girlfriend romantic love text messages full of feeling? Pay attention to this list of love text messages for a girlfriend. Choose the love text messages you like and send them to your girlfriend right now by Face book, Twitter or SMS and tell her with these beautiful words, how much you love her.

Do not just say, “I love you” to your partner. Have a little more imagination and say something that does not sound so trite. When one loves, it is easy to sprout the words of heart and what better language to do it in than Hindi? So, here I have for you guys, some beautiful love text messages to serenade your girlfriends.

Love Text Messages for Girlfriend in Hindi

1).Us jaam mein maza hi kya jinme nasha hi naa ho,
Un aankhon ka kya jinme gehrayi hi naa ho,
Aur us dil ka kya fayda jismein kisi khaas ke liye pyaar bhari jagah hi naa ho.

2).Vaqt kabhi kisi ka muqqadar nahin hota,
Vaqt kabhi kisi ka nahin hota,
Jis tarah log karib aate hain,
Samay ke saath voh chale bhi jaate hain.

3).Pyaar ek aisa nasha hai jo mitaaye nahin mitta,
Pyaar ek aisa nasha hai jo chahkar bhi nahin utarta,
Agar nasha aadat ban jaaye,
Toh hum taiyaar hai pyaar ke is nashe mein khone ke liye.

4).Pyaar karo, daro nahi,
Pyaar karo, daro nahi,
Agar saccha ho pyaar,
Toh pahaad bhi tumhare is pyaar ke saamne kuch nahin.

5).Saath dena mera hamesha ,
Chahe jo ho jaaye,
Dharti cheer jaaye ya samundar pee jaaye,
Bas dua karta hun rab se,
Ki hamara yeh pyaar kabhi kam na ho paaye.

6).Dil ka dhadakna aur lehron ka chalakna kabhi nahin rukta,
Agar yeh ruk gaye toh insaan ki mrityu nishchit hai.

7).Voh ishq hi kya jismein nasha hi na ho,
Voh ishq hi kya jismein Jung hi na ho,
Voh pyaar hi kya jismein rang hi na ho.

8).Ishq junoon jab sar chad jaaye,
Saara jag bhula kar kuch na dikhe,
Na kuch sunayi de,
Bas reh jaata hai ek suhaana sa ehsaas,
Aur kuch preet bhare lamhein,
Bas yahi hai pyaar!

9).Nahin jaanti ki tum mein aisa kya dekhti hun,
Sirf yahi jaanti hun ki woh cheez aur kisi mein,
Main nahin dekh pati hun.

10).Ishq ki shuruat hoti hai ek hasi se,
Ishq badhta hai pyaar se,
Aur khatam ho jaata hai aasuon se.

11). Mohabbat to humne bepnah ki tum se
Per Kbhi Bta Na Sake
Kbhi Tumhre Pas Vkt Ki Kmi Thi
To Kbhi Hme Apni Mohabbat Ko Bya Kerne Ke lbj Na Mile

12). Har Pal Gujerta hai teri Yadi Mai
Or Tughe Phursat Nhi hai Hmse Bat Kerne Ke

13). Jub Se Tughe Chahe Hai
Tughe Hi Manga is rub se
Na Jane Mere Mange Mai Kuch Kmi thi
Ya khuda ki koi Majburi thi

14). Yo to Jamna Hum Per merta,
Per ye dil to tumehra Diwana or tum kisi or ke diwane ho,
Ishq bhi Bdi Ajjeb hota hai

Handpicked Stuff for you:

For all the lovers out there who love madly, for those with a recent passionate relationship and for those who appreciate your partner and feel such passion, here I had for all you passionate people, love text messages! This article was dedicated to all the lovers in the world!

I recently interviewed a woman who told me that she and her husband celebrated their first three years of marriage last October. Although they had their ups and downs, she knew something for sure: men and women need to feel loved and cared for. Not only that, but the need should remain.

Marriage is like a box in which you deposit love bombs. When you do that forever, your husband will feel the result. In fact, he also will need to do his part and make his deposits of love in the box.

She told me that when Jason and she went through communication problems, they decided to have a therapy session in the church with a friend. Their counselor had been married for 40 years and he hoped that he could help them a bit.

One of his advices was to send to each other during the day. Write love bombs. And they did it.

Today, they are as madly in love with each other as they were when they first met! Hence, all you lovers out there try it and experience the joy of being in love!