50+ Signs He Likes You (Signs a Guy Really Likes You)

Signs He Likes You: When you become friends with a new guy, it becomes tough to know that what his intentions are. Sometimes it becomes very hard to know that he really likes you or he is just being friendly towards you.

Signs He Likes You

Here are 45 definite signs that he likes you or not. Here are some of the habits of his which shows his intentions towards you. When you see more than 3 or 4 signs in a guy friend of you then it is confirm that he likes you a lot. He may not be able to express it through his words. But his actions speak it all from his behalf. He may not be able to express it through his words. But his actions speak it all from his behalf.

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50+ Signs He Likes You

Bellow I am showing some very popular signs that show he likes you or not.  Read and know he really likes you or not.

1. The Law of Leaning

It is so common to guess that a guy likes you or not by his small gestures. Leaning towards you is one of the signs he likes you. Whenever a guy talks to you and he leans towards you, then it means that he wants to be closer to you. It is also a sign that he likes you a lot.

2. Never Turn Around Gesture

Whenever you guy hang out together with some of your common friends then it should be noted. You should note that he never turns his back to you. Whenever talks to someone else he also keep you in his sight. This is also signs he likes you. This means that you are very important to him.

3. Paying Attention

Whenever you try to say something he always pays attention to it. He is always keen to know that what you are trying to say. He always keeps a smile on his face whenever he is interacting with you. It can also be one of the signs he likes you. He always tries to establish a conversation with you.

4. Eye Contact

The most important rule of a healthy conversation is to maintain the eye contact between the speaker and the listener. If he always try to maintain the eye contact with you then it’s the signs he likes you. It means that he does not want to feel you ignored by his side. He just wants you feel comfortable with him.

5. Excuse to Touch

Whenever you guys are engrossed in a conversation then he always finds an excuse to touch you. He more often grabs your hands in his and proves his points. He tries to be closer to you time to time. This touch is not in a negative way. This is always positive one and hence is one of the signs he likes you.

6. Makes You Feel Jealous

It is not always necessary that a guy sticks to you to impress you. He often hangs out with other girls too. When he tries to be with someone else in front of you then it means that he is trying to make you feel jealous. It means that he wants you to say something to him out of jealousy. This is major signs he likes you.

7. Liking Your Choices

He often praises you for your choices. He likes whatever you like. It can be about ordering the same thing that you do at the restaurant. It can be about wearing the clothes that you like. It can be seen in his so many gestures. It is one of the signs he likes you.

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8. Stealing the Glance of You

Now this is something that happens many times. Sometimes you catch them looking at you. But the moment you catch them looking at you, they start looking at somewhere else. They try to hide the fact that they were looking at you. This is a major signs he likes you. Sometimes you might catch them staring at your for hours.

9. The Nervousness

It is the initial signs that can be seen in a guy. When you guys starting to know each other then, you can find them being nervous. You can find them being stammered at some point of time. You can also catch them ignoring the eye contact and smiling for no reason. This is the signs he likes you.

10. Never Ending Smile

It is so easy to get the things by the vibes coming out from the people. A guy who is interested in you will keep on smiling at you. It’s like he always wants to show you the positive side of him. He just wants you to feel good while talking to him. This can be one of the signs he likes you.

11. Your Mimicry

A guy with sense of humor and wits is everyone’s choice. A guy should not only be mature but funny too. When he tries to mimic your every dialogues then it means he is interested in you. He always tries to make the atmosphere funny by mimicking you every now and then. It is one of the major signs he likes you.

12. Teasing You

A guy should be full of energy and enthusiasm. When he is more comfortable with you than anyone else then it can be signs he likes you. He always tries to tease on some funny topics. It is not like insulting you in front of everyone else. But it seems like he always try to catches up with you although there are many people around.

13. Conversation Starter

When you guys get out of topics to talk on then he is the one who brings out some topics out of nowhere. He is the one who even replies to your “hmm” and “okay”. He is the one who always starts the conversation first. He keeps the talks going on even if there is nothing serious left to talk on. If he is being so much interested in talking to you then it signs he likes you.

14. The Compliments

A girl likes getting compliments from guys. If she is complimenting you on something then it signifies that she also wants to be complimented. He always gives compliments to you. He praises you for your dresses and jewellary. He applauds for each and everything. It is a major and symbolic signs he likes you a lot.

15. Appraisals

There are many things happens in your life. Sometimes you get promoted but there is no one to wish you for that. Sometimes people do not praise you for your small achievements. He praises you for even small achievements. He even gifts you something for that too. He celebrates your every important moments. This is the signs he likes you.

16. Jealousy

There are some gestures that always signs he likes you. You can never go wrong on them. Jealousy is one of those signs which clearly show that a guy is interested in you. If a guy gets jealous of other guys talking to you then it shows that he likes you a lot. He is very insecure about losing you over someone else.

17. Surprise Gifts

A guy should be unpredictable as it keeps the things interesting for a girl. He buys you lots and lots of gifts every now and then. Every time you express your desires of buying something, he immediately gets it for you. He always showers you with lovely gifts of your choices. It clearly shows that these are signs he likes you.

18. Priority

The moment you fall sick he immediately leaves all his work and get back to you. He always treats you like his first priority. He never keeps his work first before you. He leaves all his important tasks and work just to be with you. When a guy leaves all his professional commitments for you then these are signs he likes you a lot.

19. Phone Calls

In this modern world everyone has stuck over whatsapp and facebook. Whenever someone needs to talk urgently, then he just pings over the whatsapp. But when a guy starts calling you more often, then it is major signs he likes you. He keeps on asking you that what you are up to. What are your plans for the day etc?

20. Generous

He starts becoming more and more generous to you. He talks to you very sweetly. Every talks of him start melting your heart. He becomes highly nice for you. He takes care of you like a baby. It is one of the major signs he likes you. Even though you fight with him, still he replies with so much of politeness.

21. Anything for You

He completes all your desires. He always says yes to you. He never uses the word no with you. He always tries to complete all your wishes. They day you express your wish to buy something. He immediately gets it done for you just another day. This shows that how much he likes you.

22. Defends You

He defends you in public. When you try to prove your point then he always supports you. He always speaks in your favor. Even though when you are wrong still he defends you in public. He never let anyone make you feel insulted or dejected.

23. Hanging Around With You

He always finds the excuse to hang around with you. He makes his friends call you to come out with them and then he joins you there. He always finds it fun to be with you. He never misses a chance to stay with you.

24. The Never Return Policy

Whenever you borrow anything from you he always asks you to keep it to yourself only. He even let anything be borrowed by you only on this condition that you cannot return it. All these are the gestures that he likes you a lot.

25. Cute Nick Names

He starts calling you from sweet nick names. He keeps on calling you from the names like sweetie, princess, beautiful etc. He may call you from the names like honey, baby and many more. He even saves your contact name with one of the nick names. He comes out with a cute short name of your original names. All these show his interest in you.

26. Behaving Sweet

He says different sweet things to you. He says “I miss you” when you guys are away from each other for some days. He talks really innocently in front of you. He uses words like “stay connected”, “don’t forget me” etc. when you guys are heading somewhere else. It shows that he can’t stay away from you.

27. Boost You

He boosts up your confidence when you even deny gathering your strength again. He makes you realize that you can do anything. He tries to help you in realizing you about your real potential. He makes you laugh when you do not even want to smile. He keeps you positive in your tough times. All these things give you hint that he likes you a lot.

28. Supporter at Hard Times

There are many phases in life where we need someone special to take care of us. It can be someone’s death. It can also be some financial crisis over you. When a guy supports you even in hard times then it shows the signs he likes you a lot.

29. Extra Care

When you guys do not talk for some days then he gets worried about you. He tries to know it from your friends whether you are ok or not. He enquires at your work place even. He just tries to get in touch with you again. He fears from even the thought of disconnecting from you. This clearly symbolizes the signs he likes you very much.

30. Attention Seeker

He always tries to look best in front of you to get your attention. He always does something which readily grabs your attentions towards him. It can be laughing out loud in many friends. It can be buying you a drink in a party. It can be dropping you to your home safely. These all are the signs he likes you.

31. Body Language

Body language is the most important criteria to find out that whether a guy likes you or not. This criterion is used at many places like job interviews too. The body languages of the guy can actually show that what he feels for you. If you see his body language flirty towards you then these are the signs he likes you.

32. Staring

The guy who likes you always stares at you from top to bottom. This is something which should be noted. This glance is not at all in negative in sense. He always adores by his smile in every outfit that you wear. This show the signs he likes you. It means that he wants to be seen with you. He really wants to be around with you.

33. Curiosity about You

He is always curious to know that what your wishes are. He always asks you questions about your likes and dislikes. He always tries to know about your choices on different topics. He enquires all day for you. He is always eager to know that what your plans are for future. These shows the significant signs he likes you.

34. Praises You in Every Condition

Even though you are not looking that much god still he praises you. He praises you every time you meet him. He always showers words like beautiful and gorgeous on you. When you are not feeling confident on you then he praises you and boost up your confidence. This is something which clearly signs he likes you.

35. Great Companion

When you are feeling sick he always takes care of you. He tries to be the best companion for you. He always tries to stay around you when you need him. You do not even realize in your sleep but he wakes up besides you when you are highly sick. This signifies the signs he likes you very much.

36. Financial Favors

A guy with commitment is a guy of dreams. But a guy who does something even before asking is hard to get. But when a guy starts doing such things for you then it signs he likes you. He starts giving you financial favors when you need them. He never asks you to return his money. Even though when you try to do so, then he deny from accepting it.

37. Spending on You

A guy has a lot self respect. He never accepts anything financial from his girl. When we are friends then it seems ok to do so. But when things are getting serious then guys starts spending a lot on their girls. They never deny them from buying anything. They even start doing hard work to earn more for them. This is one of the signs he likes you.

38. Sacrifice

When a guy starts liking a girl then he starts doing everything possible for her. He starts sacrificing his work commitments for her. He even ditches his plans with his friends for his girl. He always tries to be available for her 24X7. It is something really major signs he likes you.

39. Importance

There are many people who are friends to him. There are many people he hangs around with. Still he gives you more importance than anybody else. He always tries to be with you even there are many friends around him. It is a symbolic signs he likes you. It means that no matter what happens you will always be his first choice.

40. Sharing Everything

Guys are usually very shy in nature. They keep their secrets to themselves. They cry in dark and never let it know to others. When they start sharing everything with you then it means that they are getting closer to you. They share their every weird thought with you. It is one of the important signs he likes you.

41. Calling You at Odd Hours

When a guy feels comfortable with you then he forgets all the formalities. He starts calling you at odd hours of the night. He shares his wildest dreams with you all night long. He tells you some crazy things at night. Then it can be a major signs he likes you. It is a symbol that he is getting comfortable with you very much.

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42. Surprises

A guy with surprises in his kitty is the guy of dreams for the girls. If he is trying to be the same for you then it symbolic signs he likes you. He often visits you at home without even informing. He orders things for you without even asking from you. He arranges a party for you on your birthday. All these things interpret that he likes you a lot.

43. Asking You Out

A girl is always fond of those guys who are not boring. The guys with creative minds are always on the top priorities for girls. If a guy does the same then it is signs he likes you. He often asks you out for dinner or lunch. He always tries to hang out with you. Then it is very crucial step by him. He is trying to spend all his leisure time with you.

44. The Social Media Like

Social media is playing a very important role in making new relationships. There are many examples where people found their soul mates on the social media. If he likes your every silly posts then it can be one of major signs he likes you. Sometimes he even comments on your posts. It shows his keen interest on your activities.

45. Song Dedication

For every now and then he always keeps you entertained. He dedicates a lot of cute love songs to you. Sometimes he dedicate you songs on every situation. These songs are something that explains exactly what he feels for you. These songs are sometimes very much romantic. This is one of the signs he likes you.


All these are the signs that he really likes you. Some of these can just be the gestures of your friends only. It all depends upon you that how you find his behavior with you. you should definitely know it that what he is feeling for you if you feel the same for him.