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Good Evening is best time to send a good evening wishes message with beautiful good evening pics and remind to your family, lover and friend. You missed them whole day but you are busy in your work and you are still missing them. So why not give a smile to their face by sending lovely good evening wishes. If you are in funny mode and want to do some fun, send them some funny good evening wishes images. In return, you will also get some good evening funny wishes pictures from your friends, family and siblings.

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Inspirational good evening quotes are good choice to send your friends and inspire them. Parents can also send motivational quotes in the evening to your children to courage and motivate them.

In this post, I will share good evening messages, wishes sms and quotes images for lovers, parents, friends and siblings. I am sure you will love this ultimate good evening sms collection.

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Beautiful Good Evening Quotes For Lovers

Below are the section for whom, who are in love and looking good evening quotes for her and good evening quotes for him. I have shared best good evening love quotes for couples.

1). Last night I looked at the sky and began to give each star some reasons why I love you so much. The stars were not enough! Have a good evening!

2). Though I might not love you the way you would like me to love you, I’ll always love you with all my heart in the best way I know how. Good Evening My Love!

3). Last night I asked an angel to protect you while you slept. Soon I returned and she asked me why I had returned. “An angel does not need someone else to protect her”, I replied to her. It is one of best Sweet evening quotes for her.

4). If you really love someone, all you want for him/her is happiness, even if you cannot have him/her in your life.

5). To see you is like a breath of fresh air that inspires me, feeds me, excites me, reassures me, disturbs me, disconcerts me…kills me…

6). I want to be cold because I totally melt when I touch your skin.

7). I would not change one minute of yesterday with you for a hundred years of life without you.

8). Your hands understand me, talk to me, touch me, take me, do not let me lose hope…hug me each second.

9). I want to kiss you until my breathgoes away. Until I lose consciousness, until I touch the sky…

10). Anyone can make you smile, but only a special person can make you happy. And you make me very happy my love!

Best Good Evening Quotes For Lover

11). Two people will find each other at the end of the way even after a thousand stumbles if they are meant to be together.

12). The heart is like a madhouse…there is always room for more crazy. And I found “crazy” when I found you my darling!

13). To love is to find happiness in another’s happiness.

14). In something as small as a tear…perfectly fits something as big as a feeling!

15). You will fall in love with me if you see me as I smile when I hear your voice.

16). Love is not looking at each other; it is looking together in the same direction.

17). Love is to choose a person, choose him/her again every day and share all your hopes and dreams with that person.

18). When you find a person who listens to you, cares for you, supports you, encourages you…then you have found one more reason to say I LOVE YOU to someone in your life!

19). Our love is infinite like the sea, it has a beginning…but not an end.

20). The perfect couple is not the one that never has problems, but that despite the obstacles are always together.

Good Evening Messages for Friends| Good Evening Quotes

Here are best collection of good evening quotes for friends. Send a beautiful good evening quotes to your buddy in this evening.

21). Perfect Relationship: Talk like best friends, fool around like children and protect as brothers. Good Evening Friend

22). Love is complicated to understand…do not try to understand it. Get carried away by the joy and pleasure of support from the person you love.

23). The beauty that attracts rarely matches the beauty of love.

24). When I was a child, I dreamed of conquering the world. Now I realize that you are my world and you have won me over. Good evening Friend!

25). Cowardice will make you lose the best opportunities of your life. Fight for what you feel without fear.

26). I want you to know that I wish you well in this evening. To that special little person in my life who just makes me sigh and smile, that fills my hours with good and beautiful moments, I want to wish you many successful things this evening. I love you, I send many tender kisses.

27). Cute and pretty little boyfriend, in this quote I want to tell you with all my heart that I wish you have a nice evening filled only with good things. I miss you and I hope more to see you now, now I want you to have a profitable evening and hope that everything goes right for you. You cannot imagine how much I miss you, baby. Take care of yourself at all times because you are my greatest treasure.

Good Evening Messages For Girlfriend & Boyfriend| Good Evening Quotes

28). You’re my desire to laugh, to dream and to sigh. You’re the reason for all this great love I have inside me. I like to think of you every moment of the day, and only desire this evening to go really well for you in every little thing that you undertake. King of my heart, I miss you a lot. I’m sure your evening will be of great benefit and will you finish the day very satisfied with yourself. Call me as soon as you finish for I really miss you a lot.

29). I really like to write my love messages, this evening I want you to make the most of it, I’m sure you will because you’re a very competent professional and know how to manage and optimize your time. I’ll be waiting for your duties to finish, seeing you and filling you with kisses and hugs. Remember that you are my heart, I love you!

30). It is the greatest joy of all being your girlfriend, because being with you always fills me with happiness. There is no day that does not make me smile and enjoy life. I am very grateful to God for having intertwined our lives and allowing us to fall in love. For this evening, I want everything to go as you want. You have a nice evening, my love!

If you are looking a beautiful good evening sms for girlfriend, above Good evening quotes and evening messages can be good choice.

Good Evening Quotes | Good Evening My Love

31). With all my heart, I wish that thisevening will go great in everything because you deserve it, because you’re the best boyfriend that can exist and because I love you very much. Good evening SMS for my love in beautiful evening from a beautiful person.

32). My love for you is like the limitless sky…never ending…for forever and ever. And this evening, I wish for you all the love and happiness that you undoubtedly deserve and wish that you’ll spend this evening and every evening to come wrapped in my arms.

33). This evening, I want to love you more than I’ve ever loved you…I want to make this evening the most special evening for you so that you remember my love for you always…even if/when we aren’t together.

34). My darling son, you are away! You are away building your future in a boarding school…away from your mother, away from your family. I just want to tell you this evening that be strong! Be strong my darling, and don’t give up! Remember that I love you and that I am always there for you, no matter what! Take care my sweetie pie and have a wonderful evening!

35). My love for you is tenfold this evening my love! I don’t know if it is the weather, or the stars, or the sky, or just you! But I want to shower you with love and affection this evening and guess what? I’m going to do exactly that this evening!

Good Evening Quotes for Friends

36). A smile only lasts a moment, but its effect lasts forever. Good Evening Friend

37). Hello! Is Google your name? No? Because you’ve got all I’m looking for.

38). 3 things you want in a relationship are: Eyes that do not cry, lips that will not lie and love that will not die.

39). For videos: YouTube, Twitter: To think, Google: To search, me: For you! ♥

40). It’s amazing how simple details are capable of completely changing my day!

41). Three beautiful places I always want to be in: In your mind, in your arms and in your heart…Good evening my all friends.

Good Evening Greetings Messages | Good Evening Quotes

42). Good evening my beautiful friend! The only person in the whole world, the person to whom I wish a good evening, after past noon. I wish you well and that you are having great success in whatever you’re doing.

43). I, your favorite nephew, wishes you a very good evening and a peaceful night. So, I want you to continue being as happy as you are now.

44). I wish you with all my heart that you have a wonderful evening, that everything turns out as you expect and at night when you are ready to rest, you feel like you have had a super satisfying Thus, after such a perfect morning, I’m more than sure that your afternoon and evening will also be then be filled with blessings, my dear cousin. I love you a lot. Do not forget!

45). To the best mother in the world, I want you to spend the most beautiful evening, because with the arrival of noon, I forecast an evening full of blessings and good things, because you deserve it mommy dear. I send you a big kiss.

Good Evening Quotes SMS

46). In the same way as we welcome this second time of the day, I wish you an evening full of beautiful things, and you can discover for yourself that every moment of the day is special, and have different and enriching things for you to take advantage of. Let’s have a nice evening!

47). I address this SMS to a single little person in my life and I tell you that I hope you have the best evening of your life, full of goals achieved and new challenges, but above all what makes you feel happy and full of love.

Good Evening Quotes For her | Romantic Good Evening Messages

48). I just want you to spend a wonderful evening today surrounded by those who love you, and you do whatever makes you Remember that to have successful results in what we propose; we must be psyched positively, thinking from the start that everything will be fine. So, you should never forget that here, you will always have a friend if you need advice, I love you. Good evening message to a loved one from a lover.

49). Feel life embrace you so that you can take full advantage. Therefore, I wish you success at this time next day, as I know you have many objectives and goals to accomplish today in your work meeting, in which you must feel confident in your abilities and have great confidence in yourself. Blessings! Gud evening message for best friend.

50). Love of my heart, I send you a big hug this evening, so that you have the strength to do all that you propose. I know that your plans will work out just like you want them. Oh, and please do not forget how much I love you and that you can always count on me if you have any concerns or simply to share a happy moment. Good Evening My Love

Very special good evening quotes for lovers . Everyone will love this.

51). Have a nice evening my queen. I’m very comfortable at this time, feeling the warmth of the sun, but the warmth I feel when I’m with you is a thousand times better.

You can send this special good evening quotes to your girl. Who don’t love to recieve such lovely good evening quotes.

52). What a nice evening, the sun is at its best and in my head and my soul, yours is the only image and it has brightened my day.

53). I want you to spend a very pleasant evening and think of the love I have for you.

54). Hello my love, I wanted to send you this message of goodevening, hoping first of all that you are supremely well, that God is showering his blessings on everything you’re doing and to remind my love, pure love that I feel for you irrespective of the distance between us. Now everyone is in their chores but I cannot wait for it to be night so that I may meet you again. I love you!

Good Evening Wishes For Couples | Good Evening Quotes for Her & Him

55). A good evening greeting to my beautiful boyfriend who should be working, I wish you success in your work, you are the best and most exemplary employee, your performance is getting better and hope you are fine. My love is with you and I send a big hug for

56). My cute boyfriend who fills me with so much joy, I send you a hug for this warm evening and hope you had a nice lunch and that the sun of this beautiful afternoon embrace you and fill you with energy and my embrace fills you with love in every moment! I send a greeting to remind you that I think about you too much.

57). You’re the cause of my joy and my unbridled love, so I want to send a little greeting this evening for you that it goes very well for It’s a beautiful afternoon that anticipates the end of the day and the start of a night full of hope. I love you, I adore you and remember that you are part of me and my thoughts are not a moment away from you.

58). How beautiful it is to feel the love in the proportions in which the feelings come for you, so much that they inspire me to greet you a good evening which is not how I usually do things. I hope you have a beautiful evening and have wonderful good news always and at every moment in everything you do. I love you with all my heart! From your pretty girlfriend who loves you so much.

Best good evening text for him, send this with a beautiful good evening wallpaper.

59). I am happy to have a boyfriend as beautiful as you; you are my strength and are the cause of my love and boundless joy. This beautiful evening can never be as beautiful as you, however, I’m sending you this message of love on this beautiful evening and I hope that things go superbly for you.

60). Good afternoon to my beautiful love, I know you’re well and forward in all your projects and ventures, you’re a wonderful person who deserves only good things in the universe, as this beautiful evening comes upon you, and comes loaded with a greeting, do not forget that I love you. Good evening how are you my love?

61). Love is enduring and ever new, at any time of day it is appropriate to send a person a cordial greeting expressing love and everything that comes from within you, and hence my darling love, I’m sending this good evening message to you. Very good evening!

62). Have a nice evening sweetheart; I hope you have a fulfilling and a perfect evening!

63). I must seize every moment of the day to express how much I love you, you have a nice evening!

64). Do you remember that afternoon when we met for the first time? The sun was going down but it was still there when we kissed for the first time, every evening is important to me as I have no doubt that it is for you too. Good evening my love!

65). There are ugly afternoons and nice evenings, but when I am with you, everything is unique and unparalleled.

Good Evening Text Messages to Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

If you are looking good eveining quotes for your girlfriends or boyfriends, then checkout below beautiful love good evening quotes and make your evening more romentic by sending love good evening quotes.

66). When you spend an evening with me, I cannot help but feel a mixture of excitement, happiness and hope.

67). I hope you have a special evening and that you give me a little happiness too by answering to this message with your sweet words.

68). Good afternoon my queen, you cannot imagine how I look for you in the sky to watch you from there and enjoy your beauty. Lovely Good evening message to my love in lovely evening.

69). At the beginning of the day, I wanted a good day and everything went very well. Right now, I wish you a good evening for the rest of my day equals your perfection. Happy Evening my love!

70). I love the sunsets because at that time, I watch our home away from marching in unison with the beating of my heart. You have a nice evening princess!

71). I have to wish you a good evening so you know that you’re on my mind all day.

72). Have a nice evening my little princess, you can do with me whatever the hell you want because I’m a prisoner of your love.

73). I have no doubt that with these expressions of good evening for my love, I will achieve the love of my life to be happy all day.

74). For the lady who stole my love, a good afternoon greeting loaded with all my love. I hope your evening passes peacefully!

75). I am happy that we have a quiet afternoon in harmony together and enjoying each other’s company. I send many blessings, my love.

Good Evening SMS to Lover| Love Good Evening Quotes

76). Have no worry if things are not going well this evening, the important thing is always remember that my love is always with you and always will be.

77). Discover the wonders of nature in something so simple and at the same time as beautiful as the time of the evening. Lots of love on this beautiful evening for my beautiful love!

78). The afternoon is the death of the morning, but the birth of the night, that beautiful event, deserves a good farewell, obviously accompanied by my love.

79). How beautiful is this evening to send me my best energies and wishes to you! Have a lovely evening sweetheart!

80). This sunset next to you is the most beautiful thing I might happen to share with you. I want to share this part of your day, your joys and sorrows and hope to finish the day with the hope of a new dawn. I love you so much! Good evening my love!

Good Evening Quotes | Good Evening Wishes

Looking more unique good evening quotes to send your friends and beloved, checkout below awesome collection of good evening quotes.

81). So mesmerizing this evening, but it will never be as beautiful as you. Because of that and many other reasons, I love you and I love you.

82). I’m so in love that I do not see the time the evening comes to be together and watches as the night approaches; full of hope and desire to live a wonderful sunset next to a special person I love. Good Evening my love!

Another special and lovely good evening quotes for love birds.

83). I want to wish you a wonderful evening filled with positivity in life as sunset brings back many memories and my love towards you grows every day. Good evening my dear love.

Another lovely good evening quotes for couples. You can send this beautiful good evening sms to your beloved.

84). To the person I love, it is very nice to receive from you a good evening greeting, although it is unusual but I’d like it if you do not limit yourself to a message of good day or good night.

85). Cute love of my heart could not stand the urge to write to say I hope you’re well and you’re being blessed by God in everything you do. Of course, I also wanted to tell you that you’re the most beautiful thing I have in life and I want you to smile so much because you always make me very happy. May your evening be great, my love, and always remember that I love you till infinity.

These are some best good evening quotes, good evening messages for friends, good evening sms for girlfriends and good evening wishes for him collection. I hope you all will love this good evening quotes collection and send to your friends, family and lover. If you like my collection of good evening quotes, please don’t forget to share with your friends.

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