How to Get Over a Girl After Break Up!

How to Get Over a Girl: Life is pretty unpredictable. At a time you are with someone and on the very next day it all feels nothing to you. The feelings that used to be for someone special change their way to someone else after some time. In the modern era, things like commitment and

In the modern era, things like commitment and true love rarely exist. This is just all about compromises and shows off. Many times people go through heartbreaks and especially boys. And they are not able to understand that how to get over a girl.

Heartbreaks are really tough to cope up with and what makes it even tougher is your decision to stay lonely and constantly think about it. People generally get so obsessed about their fall outs with someone that they are not able to think beyond it. This usually happens with such kind of people who have been into a really long term relationship.

A relationship cannot fall out just because of a single person’s fault except that someone is cheating. Boys are equally responsible for cheating over girls as girls are. But in this section, we are only going to discuss about getting over a girl.

You do not have to think about taking some revenge or something stupid, you just need to get her out of your system completely. This is what we are going to discuss given below.

How to Get Over a Girl

This is a time when you really need to stay strong and always focus on the brighter side. Through the steps given below you can really understand that how to get over a girl you like slowly and steadily.

1). Stop All Contacts with Her

Of course, this is the first and foremost step to work on how to get over a girl. And this is necessary more than it is important. How would you forget her, if you would still be in touch with her? This is like an untold rule of the break up that you are not supposed to talk to her anymore now, at least not on the first place.

This whole getting over a girl thing takes time so this is not gonna work in just a night especially when it was a long term relationship. You should surely delete her number so that it does not come in your focus although you remember it so well.

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2). Block Her on Social Media

In this modern world, social media plays a very important role in the relationships and their fall-outs. If you are not able to keep up with just deleting her contact details then you should just go for a step ahead. You should better block her on every single social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Whatsapp or even her number too.

This would really gonna help a lot in getting over with her memories and her. Now you cannot keep track of where is she going and whom is she meeting so this is gonna help you a lot in ignoring her completely. This is another must for the process of how to get over a girl.

3). Do Not Force Yourself into another Relationship Instantly

How to get over a girl when you are left out single and there is nobody around you? Well, most people think like that and end up falling into another relationship in a hush-hush. This is what you do not have to do at all.

You cannot start seeing someone just because your friends said you so. You should better take your time to forget all the bitter memories of your past relationship. That is when you will be able to start afresh in your life.

It really takes a lot of courage to stay single after loving someone so much for a long time. But this is what counts the most.

4). Release Your Pain

If you believe in all those old concepts that men should not show their grief and pain then you are totally wrong in this. Men also have right to cry out loud and give away all the pain that was hidden in their heart.

Crying is good rather than forcing yourself to keep your sorrows and grief all in your heart. It would help you to get over with it very soon. But that does not mean that you lock yourself in your room for an entire day and keep on crying.

If you really wanna know that how to get over a girl then you would have to learn how to be patient first.

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5). Focus on Yourself More than Ever

This is the time that you should start taking good care of yourself like never before. Come on man, this is your life do not waste it in crying for someone and having those giant dark circles under your eyes.

Focus on yourself means that you should focus on your looks, personality, communication or other aspects too.

You can join some gym or some personality development classes so that you can improve yourself than before. It would also keep you occupy and you would be able to work on how to get over a girl more easily. Do not take this in a way that there is something wrong with you. This is just because you should better see you growing.

6). Change Your Daily Schedule

This is so gonna make a huge impact on your everyday life. This may seem a little change but this is going to payback you huge. For example, if you used to wake up at 8.30 then you should change it to 8. You can add some jogging and workout routine in your life.

This will not only keep you fit but it will also keep you occupied too. This will save you from distracting to unwanted thoughts, and you can surely succeed in conquering the quest of how to get over a girl.

The more engaged you will be in some activities, the more you are likely to forget her early.

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7). Avoid the Activities that You Two Used to Do

Be it trekking or camping together, you would have to leave all the activities for a while that you two used to do together. I know all these are so much fun kind of things to do but it will only remind you of her all the time and would stop you from moving on.

To work out the things for how to get over a girl, you would learn to ignore her or even her memories completely.

Once you feel that now you can handle yourself well, then you should definitely resume such fun activities as they will surely boost you up this time.

8). Make Some Goals and Follow Them

Now, this is the time you would have to focus on your career more than ever. If this is not about the long term plans then you can at least decide some short term goals too. You can set goals like you would shed 5 kg weight, or you will run a mile for an entire month.

All these things would shift your focus from your bitter past to a progressive future.

The best way to learned that how to get over a girl is that you would have to make space for let something new settle in your life. This will help you a lot in transforming you in a better person.

9). Reconnect with Your Friends

I know this time is really tough for you but your friends can really help you a lot in managing how to get over a girl. When you are in a relationship, you are more likely to focus on your girl rather than your friends. But as now you are single then it is the time that you should better reconnect with them once again.

You should hang out with them more and go to the parties or clubs together. This will help you to bring everything back on track with them.

10). Seek Help from Family

If you think that your parents are going to understand your situation then you should totally tell them about it. You never know that when your family can turn a total savior for you. They are really going to be a great emotional support for you at this time.

This major fall out can become easy to handle when you have such a strength with you.

They are only going to make the process of how to get over a girl easier and less bumpy for you. And you are so gonna thanks us for this advice. But you know, you can thanks us later!

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11). Develop a Good Habit

You can develop such kind of habits which are good for you. The idea is to keep yourself engaged and equipped with something productive all the time. This will not only build up a great positive atmosphere around you but would also give you a new direction in your life.

You can develop habits like do something artistic for an hour on each day. You can also opt for working out for an hour each day.

These little habits are going to bring a major change and you can easily keep up with how to get over a girl.

12). Go Out More Often

This is not particularly like hanging out with friends all the time. Even they are going to be pissed off when you will be around them 24X7. Going out means you should go around and take a walk of the city. You can even hire a bicycle for that.

This is one of the greatest ideas to cope up with how to get over a girl.

You can go out and visit places like park, museum, lake, library and some coffee shop etc in the city. This will keep you engaged and would make you feel comfortable in your alone time.

13). Engage Yourself in Fun Activities

You can totally engage yourself in some fun activities and it will sort out the issue of how to get over a girl indirectly and instantly. You can watch some really funny videos online or you can do some Netflix for the whole day with lots of pizza in your lap.

You can even try out some dancing moves that you can learn through some tutorial videos. You can also try out some painting and coloring thing. This would also give you an artistic vision.

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14). Join Some Creative Classes

If you think that you are not able to do something fun on your own then you should definitely go for some classes for it. There are plenty of interesting courses that you can join instantly and they would even cost you much. This would also give you an excuse to meet new and interesting people out there.

You can go and join some guitar classes or some vocal music classes. Apart from it you can even learn some new language or some acting skills would also be good. All these things would give you a new and positive atmosphere which would surely cheer you up.

15). Listen to Inspirational Music

There are some wonderful tracks which you can listen to in your lonely time. Apart from doing the things listed above and below there would also be some time when you will be all alone. This is the time which counts the most because you will be so vulnerable and weak.

Some inspirational music can give you the strength to deal with how to get over a girl.

It would not only cheer up you but would also motivate you to do something good in your life. And make sure that romantic tracks are a strict no here.

16). Start Reading Interesting Books

Books are the best friend one can have, and this is even true indeed. You read a good book and you will learn at least five good things from it. You can check out some really great options for reading great books on the internet.

If you wanna know that how to get over something or how to get over a girl then you should learn that how to indulge in something else.

You can go for some suspense novels or some biographies too. They will keep you hooked till the end. You must not go for all those romantic ones because they would remind you of all those things you want to forget.

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17). Make New Friends

This is so gonna work in your favor if you want to succeed in how to get over a girl. It is a rule of life, when something old leaves your life it creates a space which can be filled by something new in it. This new can be new friends. I am not asking you to go and fall in some kind of relationships; this thing is only about making new friends only.

You can attend some parties or you can go to some concerts. The more you will hang out the more you are likely to meet new people. You will surely feel good about this new change in your life.

18). Remove Stuff that Belongs to Her

If you want to forget about her completely, then you would have to ignore all the stuff that reminds you of her. This whole stuff of how to get over a girl can only work on one obvious condition that there is nothing left in your life which can remind you of her. And as far as memories are concerned there is no way you can forget them, you would just have to ignore them.

Well, throwing them would be rude (only if she has not betrayed you and it was all mutual) so you can hide them at such place that you would not have to see them again. This would surely work in your favor.

19). Avoid Alone Time

You would strictly have to avoid being alone as it can actually make you a bit weak. All the hardship you were doing to work on how to get over a girl can go all in vain if you would spend some alone time. I am not saying that you should not be alone at all but only if you can handle this well.

Being alone reminds you of the time you were together with her and it will eventually hurt you more and more. You must avoid it if you cannot handle it.

Once you are strong enough to cop up your emotions, then you must spend quality time alone to figure out what are you doing in your life.

20). Meditation

Meditation is a good way to battle out the depression you are suffering because you are not able to work on how to get over a girl. She can be your ex or the girl who left you for someone else or she can be your ex-wife too.

Meditation is one of the best ways to gather all the positive energy you have and focus it in your mind to do something huge.

Who knows that it can lead you to such a great direction that you can achieve the success you were longing for a great time. You can also try out some power yoga with it as it will be very beneficial for you.

21). Try Out Some Diary Writing

If you are not able to share your feelings with anyone and all the things are hurting you a lot inside your heart then you should go for some diary entry. You can write out whatever is there in your heart on a piece of paper and it will surely help you.

Do not just think about how to get over a girl but do what it takes to battle it out and that too strongly.

You would have to make sure that whatever you are writing should be kept safe and nobody else should read it. You can even put them in a box and lock it up. This will give you a sense of security.

22). Consider Counseling

If nothing is working for you and you are not able to find a way out of how to get over a girl then it is the time that you should go for some counseling sessions. This may include some therapies too and you should not back off yourself or feel afraid from that.

Whatever is happening is just for your betterment and this will gonna pay sooner or later anyhow.

I think you should go for counseling in extreme cases only. If you are becoming insomniac or you are not eating anything and feeling depressed then counseling can prove to be a great way to come out of it.

23). Adopt a Pet

This is by far one of the best things you could do to work upon the problem of how to get over a girl you like. You just need to find another love but in the form of a pet not human. They are so adorable that you would instantly forget all your worries just by looking at them.

You can go for some adorable puppies, kittens, turtle or some birds. I think in all these things, puppies would be great choice. They are so energetic and lively that they will fill you with a new kind of energy and it will be totally positive for you.

It has also been scientifically proven that playing with pets reduces your stress level a lot.


Taking some extreme steps is not at all any option that you should go for getting over a girl. Behaving arrogant with someone or punishing yourself because she betrayed you do not make any sense. I know sometimes you would find it really impossible to think about how to get over a girl but your constant efforts can make it possible.

When love leaves our life, it really creates a huge void. But this void can be filled by doing something productive. Put all your energy into doing the things which can eventually turn beneficial for you. At first it may seem impossible to gather all your courage but through the support of your friends and family you can make it possible for sure.