Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: They say love never gets old; it just grows more with each passing second. People say it right though, but for it, love must be pure. Love is not only about feeling each other’s presence but it is about making them feel your presence even when you are not around. Do not be a typical girl to expect things from your guy. In fact find out some romantic things to say to your boyfriend every day.

Each day can be a new beginning of your relationship with him if you want so. It is just a step away to get him closer to you. It all depends upon you that how much efforts you are making to make him yours forever.

Romentic things to say to your boyfriend

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If it has been a long time that you two are together for then it is normal to miss that freshness in your relationship. But with some romantic things to say to your boyfriend, you can totally get what you have lost. These little things can renew your relationship with him hilariously.

Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Here is a collection of the cute little romantic things to say to your boyfriend. These words of love and praise would fill the love again in your relationship with him. I hope they are going to help you a lot.

1). It is not that I cannot live without you; it is just that I don’t want to do so.

2). Every moment that I spend with you is like a beautiful dream come true.

3). Your eyes can say a lot more than you want to. These are the magical realm that calms me down when they see me.

4). Nothing in this world is permanent except the fact like Sun rises in the East and I Love You so much.

5). I believe in the concept called destiny. And I started to believe more in it from the day Destiny introduced me to you.

Such kind of romantic things to say to your boyfriend are really heart touching and it would really make him feel special.

6). There is probably nothing else in this world that comes before you in my priority list.

7). If I ever had to choose between you and my family then I will choose my family because you are not an option for me but a compulsion.

8). Nothing else can lighten up my world, neither the stars nor the moon. But it is your face that can fill up even the darkest corners of my heart with a bright light.

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9). I don’t want someone who is perfect, but someone who can be with me for the way I am and that is you.

10). It does not matter that how many ups and downs I have to go through as long as you are by my side in every situation.

Romantic things to say to your boyfriend are a great way to describe the beauty of your relationship.

11). My heart does not skip a beat when I see you but it surely forgets how to stop beating when you are around.

12). Butterflies were not enough to fly in my belly, that now the whole zoo plays around when I see you.

13). No matter how many troubles I have in my life, the moment my eyes see your smiling face, everything seems to bounce back on normal again.

14). This is not just your smile that makes me happy, but knowing that the reason behind it is me makes me the happiest person in the world.

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15). There is no limit to the time I can think about you, probably because I never get tired of thinking about you.

He must know that you always think about him no matter what time is it. Such romantic things to say to your boyfriend can make the perfect texts for it.

16). This text is just a reminder for you that there is someone who always thinks about you.

17). I am ready to grow really old and have all the elderly troubles as long as I have you by my side for each passing second.

18). I do not need any money to spend my life happily, I can be happy just by looking at your face.

19). People can call me mad but I cannot get over you and your love.

20). I do not feel any sorrows and pain when I am with you.

His presence must be cherished well and you can do that through such kind of romantic things to say to your boyfriend.

21). There is no place on earth where I can feel safer than your arms.

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22). I do not know that how to define true love but it is just that when I see you, I forget about everything and everyone else.

23). I may not think about when I wake up in the morning but every night I go to sleep, you are the only one whose face comes into my mind and heart.

24). I am ready to go through any challenges to be with you.

25). I would be happy to bear any problem on me, but when anything hurts you, it drives me totally nuts.

This is really important for him to know that how much you care about him and romantic things to say to your boyfriend are a great way to convey this.

26). I don’t want anything to be right with me, I just want you to happen to me.

27). I could not imagine any man to be this much loving until I met you.

28). If anything happens to our relationship then I promise I will go miles to be with you and would do anything to make it work.

29). It feels like time has stopped when you are holding my hands and your lips are locked over mine.

30). There may be someone better than you, there can be people more perfect than you but there cannot be anyone more loving than you are to me.

Tell him that why he is so special to you and what makes him different from others through these romantic things to say to your boyfriend.

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31). You are not the guy of my life who comes and leaves but you are the man who I know would stay forever.

32). I do not remember it exactly but I think I fell in love with you when my eyes met yours for the very first time.

33). You not only make me forget my flaws but I feel that I become a better person in your company.

34). I wish I could scream on the top of my voice that how much in love I am with you.

35). If I needed to start my love life all over again then I would still pick you for my next journey.

These heart touching romantic things to say to your boyfriend are really adorable and he would love to listen something like that from you.

36). I just want to say thanks to you for every bit of love that you gave me till now and for every second that you could spend with someone else but you decided to spend with me.

37). There are a lot of things that you have given me in form of presents but the most precious one was your time.

38). I don’t think that my life could not be any perfect than this.

39). I love you, not for being the person, you are from outside but for the heart you have inside.

40). Even my friends are jealous that how can I get a guy like you.

These kind of romantic things to say to your boyfriend are witty as well as cute. Everybody likes it when they get positive attention from people.

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41). I cannot stop blushing when people are talking about you in front of me.

42). Each time that I see you, I fall in love with you even more.

43). I love the way you hold me in your arms, it makes me feel the safest person in the world.

44). I think I have done something really great that god gave me you as the reward.

45). Your presence is enough to raise the temperature of my body.

Romantic things to say to your boyfriend like this are little bit of naughty as well and he would totally love some of your wits.


This list has all kind of things that you need to say to your boyfriend. All the magic that you want in your relationship can be done by these little romantic things to say to your boyfriend.

Apart from saying these things, it also matters that how you say that. You can text these romantic lines while he is asleep and when he wakes up there will be smile on his face. You can also prepare small chits in which you can write these romantic things to say to your boyfriend. It would really make him feel so special.