Fun Games to Play Over Text Message With a Girl & Boy

16. History Builder

One of the most impressive games you can play while texting is history builder. This game will help you to exercise your mind and make your imagination run wild. This game starts when the first person writes a sentence to initiate the story and sends it to his/her friend. Then, you write another sentence to your friend to carry the story forward and text back to him/her. Thus, both will have to text phrases back and forth and build a complete story. You can also play this game in a group where other friends also contribute to the story.

17. I Spy

‘I Spy’ is considered one of the classic games to play over text that have been played for years. The game is perfect to pass the time when you are on a long road trip with friends and family members. You can play ‘I Spy’ on your phone by sending photos to your friends or by giving them hints. The game starts when you ask your friend to guess accurately where you are at that exact moment of time using evidences from your surroundings that you send to him/her, giving only the first letter. You can also send photos as a text message and ask them to find something of the image of the tracks that you have given.

18. Guess the Character

When you are bored while chatting with friends, you can start playing the guessing the character game with them to cheer yourself and your friends.
You need to impersonate a character to begin the game. This character can be anyone-a celebrity, an athlete or someone from a famous book. Then give clues to your friends about the character so they can make their guesses.

19. Abbreviations

If you look on the Internet, you will find that everyone is talking by using abbreviations. You may be using them too much while texting to friends, so why not play the game of Abbreviations with them? The Internet provides a wide range of the said abbreviations and everyday-used slangs, but you do not have to use those abbreviations. You have to come with your own slang words and ask your friends to guess what it means. For example, you can text an abbreviation-“WTDITP” meaning “Walking the dog in the park”. Your friends have to guess what the abbreviationstands for.