Fun Games to Play Over Text Message With a Girl & Boy

20. Do you prefer?

One of the simplest and most popular text messages games that will help you to get rather funny answers from your friends are by giving them some crazy situation games. The concept of one of these games to play over text while chatting is very straightforward. You’ll give your friends certain situations and give them two options to know what they would prefer if they were in that particular situation.

21. Kiss, Marry, Kill

I’m pretty sure that you must have heard about this game on the Internet as a lot of websites are posting about it in blogs etc. The concept is quite similar to text messages too. You need to give your friend a list of 3 people who are famous or any individual who you both know and ask, “Kiss, Marry, Kill?” Then he/she will have to choose which person he/she would kiss, who he/she would marry and would kill which one. However, remember that things in this game have to be light hearted causing no offense to anyone and you should play the game in a good mood to make the moment special. You can also play one of these games to play over texts in groups and drop some names that will make them feel uncomfortable by the question.

22. Silly Photos

This is, literally, a silly text messages game that you could play with your friends. To play the game, you need a Smartphone with an Internet connection so you can send photos. Find the funniest pictures you can find and send it to your friends and ask them to do the same. Within a few minutes, you’ll have plenty of the funniest pictures on the Internet in your phone. It may be confined to a particular category or genre to make these games to play over text interesting. Also, try trolling some of your friends by answering their questions with memes and photos of troll.

23. What if…?

Has a “What if?” scenario ever struck you? What if such scenarios pop in your brain in the most unusual of times? You can make it into a great game! Text your friends a “what if?’ stage and expect answers. One thing to note is that none of the answers are right or wrong, and all responses are possible scenarios to resolve the problems that arise. You can get a lot of funny answers to the question: “What if?” Some of them might even be logical! Couples love to play this question game.