Fun Games to Play Over Text Message With a Girl & Boy

5. Song lyrics

This is one of those good games to play over text that works very well if you both have a favorite song or an artist in particular that you both admire. Write the first words of a song and challenge him/her to continue. Better yet, change the wording of a chorus to something silly or serious depending on your mood. See if he can catch it and continue the song. The songs can prove to be the thing that connects the two of you together in a stronger bond. it is most likely games to play through text message by couples.

6. Name a celebrity

Almost everyone has heard of at least half a dozen celebrities of reality television. Think of one and see how many gossips about the celebrity’s life you can recover from the tabloids or the television. Don’t say the name of the celebrity that you have thought of and see if your partner is able to guess the correct name. If he likes sports, choose a star player and do the same. This is one of the fun games to play over text that will show you a really good time.

7. Word games

One Another interesting games to play though text, A great way to show your intelligence and increase your vocabulary as a couple is by introducing a new word with its meaning every day. Take turns and send the message text and select flamboyant and outrageous multiple-syllable words to increase the fun level. It’s like a super cool version of Scrabble, but through texts.

8. Funny graphics

Most cell phones come preloaded with a variety of graphics and tones that can be sent via a text message. Put a smile on his face, sending one with a goofy expression below. These text messages may seem juvenile, which is perfect after a long day at the office or in the classroom as it will put a smile on his face. Stay away from anything too graphic and sexual in nature and this is one of those games to play over text message with a guy/girl that is lighthearted and fun.