Fun Games to Play Over Text Message With a Girl & Boy

13. Naughty Truth or Dare

This is not formally a truth or dare game but it is a truth or dare game crossed into the phone. Well, I did not mean to make it sound serious, because this game is for purposes of fun. It’s not just a board game; you shall have a good list of truth or dare questions for each other and shall maintain a score. Who answers to these questions accurately and completely, wins. Oh, and the other has to get the winner a nice gift. Now when I add “bad” in the mix, you know exactly what can happen. The sky really is the limit. You can ask intimate questions and dare the other person to do sexy stuff (but be sure not to go overboard). Try them out. You may be surprised as to how much fun one of these games to play over text can be.

14. The jokes

Now before you get ahead of yourself, take a few steps back and read first. I’m not asking you to make prank calls to people. What I mean here is that the prank calls will be between you two. You tell the other about what you will say or do while making a prank call while pretending to be someone else. Giggles and laughter are surely going to be a part of this game. It is one of best games to play with friends over the phone.

Games to play over text with your girlfriend

If she’s going out with friends, babysitting a child, or trapped in a family event, and you cannot find the opportunity to talk to her, what can you do about it? How about finding some games to play over text messages? It’s a great way to stay in touch, garner some laughs, and really connect with each other.

15. Time Poem

This is a fun game to play that will test both your creative sides. Choose any poem that both of you are familiar with like: ‘Roses are red…”or “If I forget…” and the text from your mind. Be creative and add a line to it. So, the text is yours, “Roses are red” and then she has to respond in their own way. It is one of the best activities to help you spend quality time with her and to come closer.

I’m sure you’ll have at least one friend who does not use a Smartphone and is still happy using a normal feature phone just limited to text messages and calls. But when you are bored, you can indulge in games to play over text with them through texting, to pass your time. In addition, when all your friends have Smart phones with chat applications like WhatsApp installed, then you can play the best and most fun games with them through text messages. In this article, we will show you some games to play over text that you can enjoy with friends even if you don’t have the latest Smartphone. Any phone that can send text messages will do with some friends to play the game. Whatsapp is a rage among the youth today and almost everyone uses it.

This application provides the provision of group texting so that you can now enjoy yourself playing games to play over text with multiple friends at the same time. Keep the atmosphere lighthearted with these games that I have mentioned here that are funny and can be played over long periods of time without getting bored. So next time you and all your friends are talking, start playing these funny games through text messages with them to spend your time and overcome boredom. You can play these games to play over text through any chat application. You just need a phone with an Internet connection and you will be able to play.