Fun Games to Play Over Text Message With a Girl & Boy

24. Simple Test

The best texting game of all the games to play over text would be a simple questionnaire because it goes on for a long time and increases your brain power to think about logical answers. You can even make changes in the game, depending on where you are playing the game. In this case, we’re playing a game through text messages, so the basic and straightforward process is simply to ask a question and get the right answer. If you do not want anyone to search for answers online, then you can make logical mathematical questions to see who is the smartest of all your friends.

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These were some of the freshest and funniest games to play over text that you can play with your friends to spend your time gaming. There are still many games out there that I have not mentioned in this article.

In this day and age, being with your loved one 24/7 is next to impossible. You have your jobs, your work and your own life to live too. Here’s the perfect solution to your problems: Games to play over text. This perfect solution lets you know the other person better and also gives you an in depth knowledge about that person’s likes, dislikes, personality, character and habits. But the best of all, “games to play over text” help you to be with a person in essence, even if you may be a thousand miles away from him/her. Games to play over text have known to brought people closer and have worked wonders with long distance relationships too. People in relationships who have played this game have told in a survey how a simple game over texts have changed the entire face of their relationship and have brought a much needed newness and novelty in their relationship.

Try these games to play with a girl, guy and friends over text and see the results for yourselves!

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